Over and over again, the dead heads shout, ‘why only the men?’ ‘Why don’t they stay at home and look out for their families?’

And then, when these same people dress up in dark colours (ironically) and meet up with their fascist mates, there appear to be two things missing. Women and children. Too dangerous for them, lads?

Reasons why asylum seekers often do not consist of women and children:

  1. Immediate danger: In some cases, individuals may leave their families behind to ensure their safety while they seek refuge or asylum. They may believe that one member of the family has a higher chance of successfully reaching safety and can then later help reunite the rest of the family.
  2. Resource limitations: Asylum seekers may face financial constraints or logistical challenges that make it difficult for the entire family to leave their home country simultaneously. In some cases, families may decide that it’s more practical for one member to leave first and establish a stable situation before bringing the rest of the family.
  3. Legal complexities: The process of seeking asylum can be complex and legal obstacles may arise that complicate family reunification. In some cases, the legal status or eligibility of family members may differ, leading to delays in reunification.
  4. Perceived urgency: Some individuals may feel an urgent need to leave their home country due to imminent threats, leaving insufficient time for the entire family to make the journey together. This can lead to temporary family separation with the hope of reunification later.

Penny Lane

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