Aural Prejudice

If I have a judgement,

valuation or prejudice

about you, it’s not the colour

of your skin I regard.

I listen to your

voice, its cadence

and intonation, the way

the v o w e l s form

around your thoughts.

Wherever you come from, eh?

Because that, that, in any language

reveals you, to me. That instrument

tells me where you are from

and I don’t mean geographically.

Those notes made

by your instrument

that has its roots

in the core of your being

tell me of your humanity,

tell me how we’ll get


Peter Handley

Peter Handley was born in a small village next to what was Sherwood Forest in the first decade at the beginning of the end of the age of Aquarius. He has been variously described as an arty farty twat and an Indian Oscar award winning actor and writer. He is published in numerous literary journals, trained, amongst other places, at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and continues to tell stories and bullshit in all the right hostelries to promote positive growth all around the world and in his back garden. His first solo exhibition of works on paper is due out in a fancy gallery in Vienna late 2014.