Very proud to say, that this Thursday July 19th at 8pm, on BBC One’s programme Eat Well for Less, there’s a segment about The Dorset Destroyers Wheelchair Rugby Club trying out a food product and shown playing Wheelchair Rugby.
The TV Company RDF Television approached us in July 2017 asking if we’d be interested in doing some filming at the end of August. We turned them down because we we’d still be on our holidays, but they came back to us and were even more interested when I told them that Sue and I had run our own catering company.
Eventually we folded and said Yes we’ll do it, so opened the club up earlier. It was a great experience, but long and drawn out. It started at 11am until 5pm, and on top of that we were playing Wheelchair Rugby for 3 hours as part of the filming!!
Nick, (Co-Founder, Chairman and Player) used to create his own preserves with Sue (Co-Founder, Club Secretary and Coach) so was very excited about the opportunity to put his reputation on the line and as you’ll see on Thursday Night he put his money where his mouth is!!!!!
The Dorset Destroyers Wheelchair Rugby Club have been going for 4 years, and in that time have done some amazing things, including playing against the Invictus Team in July 2017, playing with Jonny Wilkinson and this year are the only club in the UK who are unbeaten in the League.
Having won 8 matches out of 8 and now heading to Division 1 in September for the deciding round to be named as Division One Champions, it’s all to play for in the final matches at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on September 2nd.
This Sunday The Dorset Destroyers play a friendly against Endeavour Hawks at Rossmore Leisure Centre in their build up to the Division One Title Race.
It all starts at 11.30 and runs till 1.45. Entry is FREE and the venue is
Rossmore Leisure Centre
Herbert Avenue
BH12 4HR
Plenty of parking on site and a café.
Contact Sue 07747 586006