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I am genuinely gutted at the almost total reporting black-out by the BBC on the massive CO2 consequences of Heathrow Expansion in most of their online coverage…

Take Laura Kuennsberg, their “chief political correspondent”, who seems to be obsessed only with the delay in giving permission rather than the millions of tonnes of annual CO2 that will be emitted ….

Those emisssions are staggering.

Here are some numbers that Laura Kuennsberg’s dreadful student-level reporting leaves out:

24 million — the number of tonnes of CO2 per annum from future Heathrow flights.

50 – It is the more than all of the emissions released by the 50 least polluting countries on earth.

50% – amount of UK’s entire CO2 budget by 2050, that expanding UK aviation will gobble up.

3,750 Londoner deaths from Heathrow air-pollution between 2025 and 2050.

5.8 million – This one airport would emit the equivalent of 5.5 MILLION UK homes.

605 kg – UK residents fly more than any other country in the world – emitting over 605kg per person, whilst even the US only emits about 245 kg per person.

4 – average number of UK flights per year for every woman, man and child in the country.

6 – average number of return fligths taken by rich who have second homes abroad.

13% – UK aviation already causes 13% of UK climate impacts.

260,000 the number of extra noisy flights imposed over London’s skies. 

Re-electing Zac Goldsmith with no Tory opposition would be a joke.

If I had a vote it would go to the LibDem, as they are the only party that can defeat the racist, anti-cycling campaigners, hard-Brexit supporting Goldsmith in this bye-election.

May and New Labour need to hear the message loud and clear – Heathrow must NOT be expanded.

Spread the word about Rising Up Peaceful Direct Actions at a London Airport on 19th November.

Oh – and everybody who flies needs to consider our consciences before we do so!!

Donnachadh x

PS if you cannot afford a copy of The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought, where I explain how the corrupt political lobbying system results in corporations getting their way over decisions like Heathrow that kill thousands of people and result in massive new carbon emissions, email me on