Benefits and Disability

Back in 2003/4 I had an accident at work but did not realise that I had a serious injury until now. I found out that things that injure you in your past can come back with a vengeance and that is what mine has done.  Since 2008, I have had agonising pain in my left ankle. I have seen numerous doctors and had many hospital appointments and all they found was the muscle in my ankle was swollen but they could not give a name to it. Hence my long journey to get the benefits I am entitled to.  When I first applied for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) I had to see a so called expert from ATOS to assess my medical condition. I showed her all the medications I was taking as I take 6 different types of painkillers. It’s alright them saying if you take painkillers you are available for work, well you are not. I tried work but had to give it up because my painkillers, which I cannot do without, made my head go into ‘FAIRY DAIRY LAND’. The pain is still there but you don’t care and I was starting to make mistakes with the job I was doing. Therefore, to save upset I left.

I had been turned down on many occasions when applying for D.L.A. and had to go to 2 tribunals. The first one was put on hold because what they were reading in the report was NOT what I said. Over a year later I finally got another tribunal appointment and they saw straight away what my condition was doing to me (I had always been active). The main thing here is these so called medical assessors do not take into consideration the medication we disabled or long term sick have to take. We are people who worked hard and asked for nothing.  We just got on with it BUT now we are not as able bodied, they think they can throw us on the scrap heap along with the poor beggars who fought for this country in two World Wars. They say it is against the law to discriminate against AGE, DISABILITY, COLOUR, ETC…! Well this is what they are doing!

I have to use a wheelchair for long trips and a walking stick plus my husband’s arm on the other side. I cannot go out alone! My hubby is always at my side. This government need a real good KICK UP THEIR BACKSIDE. Let them walk in our shoes for just one day and then see what they have to say.