Cornwall Resists is accusing Devon and Cornwall police of harassment after incidents including a police officer messaging a personal number of one activist and turning up at a public meeting. The text message called the person by name and the use of their personal number without permission was also a breach of their data protection rights. A video of the officer who attended the meeting and the response from campaigners can be seen here.

 – A mass demo is planned for Friday 30th June, starting at the Moor at 4pm, Events Square at 5pm and the gate of A and P at 5:30pm.
Cornwall Resists had originally called a demo to stop the Bibby leaving on Friday. This was based on information on shipping forecast websites that was subsequently deleted. However, from observations of the ship, and information from several sources, campaigners now believe that the ship is unlikely to leave on Friday. They are, however, on alert, and ready to take action should this information be wrong.

 – The Bibby Stockholm is currently in the dry docks in Falmouth being ‘refitted’ to double its capacity to imprison 500 refugees in accommodation the size of parking spaces. The barge was supposed to leave several weeks ago but has been beset with multiple problems causing long delays.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Resists stated:
    “Each and every time we have information the Bibby may be moving, we will take action. We will not be complicit in border violence and we will not be complicit in this government’s hostile environment policies that seek to imprison those seeking sanctuary, many of whom are fleeing from wars we’ve perpetrated or from the devastation caused by bombs sold by UK companies.
    “While it is not looking likely that the Bibby will be moving on Friday, we remain on alert, and ready to take action. If the ship doesn’t leave, we will continue with our plans for a mass demo to let the world know that Cornwall will take a stand against this government’s hostile environment. With the delays to the Bibby, many ports refusing to accept future barges, and the government’s Rwanda policy defeated in the courts, Rishi Sunak is losing his war against refugees. It’s time to provide safe routes to these people, instead of forcing them to risk their lives on perilous journies and imprisoning them when they arrive.”
The spokesperson continued:
    “Devon and Cornwall police know full well that Cornwall Resists does not liaise or speak to them. We do not need permission to protest and we are very aware that any information given to them will end up on police databases and be used to target perceived organisers.
    “The police officer who turned up at our meeting was robustly turned away by those attending in an amazing display of strength and solidarity. However, it is concerning that the police think it’s okay to harass campaigners, whether that’s through sending personal messages to activists or turning up at our spaces.
    “These actions are a clear breach of our right to organise and participate in protest. However, this harassment only gives us more strength and power. We will not back down in the face of police harassment, and we will continue taking action regardless of their behaviour.”

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