The Tories are an appalling example of how to govern. As this woman points out if we want to understand how the Nazis came to power just look at how the Tories operate (alongside the corporate media). The population are forced to accept behaviour that they would never have accepted if faced with kinder politicians and journalists.

The inhumanity of the Nazis is being copied in the UK right now and the government want us all to share the blame.

Governments employ various strategies to divert attention or distract the public from certain issues or agendas. Here are a few commonly observed methods:

  1. Media manipulation: Governments may influence or control mainstream media outlets to shape public narratives and draw attention away from sensitive or controversial topics. They can use techniques like selective reporting, sensationalism, or diversionary tactics to shift the focus to more favorable or less contentious issues.
  2. Political scandals: Governments sometimes allow or even orchestrate political scandals involving public figures to capture media attention and divert it from pressing matters. These scandals can dominate headlines and public discourse, effectively diverting attention away from important policy debates or issues.
  3. Nationalistic or patriotic appeals: Governments often use appeals to national pride, patriotism, or national security to distract the public. By creating an external threat or emphasising symbolic events, they can rally public support and shift attention away from internal issues or policies that may be subject to criticism.
  4. Economic distractions: Governments may highlight positive economic indicators or launch initiatives that create the appearance of progress and prosperity. By focusing on economic growth or job creation, they can divert attention from other pressing concerns, such as social inequality or civil liberties.
  5. International conflicts: Governments sometimes escalate or create international conflicts to redirect public attention. By emphasising external threats or engaging in high-profile diplomatic or military activities, they can distract the public from domestic issues or controversies.
  6. Overloading with information: Governments may flood the public with a constant stream of news, policies, or announcements to create information overload. This inundation can make it challenging for the public to focus on specific issues or maintain sustained attention, effectively diverting them from important matters.

It’s important to note that while governments may employ these tactics, public awareness, media scrutiny, and independent journalism play crucial roles in holding governments accountable and uncovering attempts to distract the public.

Remember it is not only those with low level education who are susceptible. Everyone at some point can fall for it. It is up to us to try not to be distracted and to challenge the lies and half truths as best we can.

However, let people think for themselves and…

Douglas James

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