Blue Labour is no alternative – so what is?

Harry Paterson was quite right in his recent article, Labour, blue or not, is no alternative. The 3 main parties are Persil, Ariel and Daz, same stuff in different boxes.

My alternative is for everyone to use the Internet to debate policy and vote on everything and rebalance our society and our economy in favour of the 99%. There’ll be no need for politicians in what will be true democracy. Of course, how to do it is the main problem, Cameron, Clegg or Miliband are hardly likely to see the merits of doing this. There’s no alternative here, we have to win an election by standing independent candidates who are agreed on one thing – setting up Internet based direct democracy. I’ve been running a campaign since Sept 2009, originally it was Vote For Yourself, now it’s Vote 4 Freedom. Here’s a route in: (Preview)

The latest plan is to start a search for 750 candidates for the next Euro elections. That in itself will raise a lot of awareness, I’m matey with some people at the Pirate Party and I recently joined after about 3 years of communication with them. They are also pan-European so finding independent candidates who’ll promote Internet based direct democracy won’t be a problem. Funding them is the other half of the campaign. One of my very best friends owns an online music equipment company (it’s not what you know…) and when I’m ready I’ll ask him to put a Band Competition link on his front page. The idea is that bands can lend a song to the cause. His website gets a million hits a month.The maths is simple – there’s a £5K deposit to stand each candidate x 750 constituencies = £3.75M, that’s about 10 million downloads. Bands who contribute will benefit from the exposure, as will my mate who’ll sell more equipment, the thing’ll become a chart of its own.After the elections, provided all the candidates get 2.5% of the vote, all the deposits will be returned and can be divvied up to the bands. My mate will also put up prizes for the best selling download every week. I’m still negotiating with the Pirates and Iniref, but expect to launch the campaign soon. Do it in Europe and we’ll do it in every member state within a few years.

David Von Geyer