Boris Johnson has lied again. This time about Scotland

Having watched this clip you would have heard Boris Johnson say “They (Scotland) have the highest taxes anywhere in Europe”. Unfortunately for Boris this simply is not true.

Full Fact have analysed taxation across Europe and Scotland does NOT have the highest taxes in Europe. When they and Channel 4 News contacted the PM’s office to find a source none was forthcoming. Why is that? Possibly because he makes things up to try and win an argument and to appeal to those people who will not seek to check but merely believe his nonsense.

Full Fact state:

‘Over half of all tax revenue in Scotland is controlled by the UK government, but one of the main taxes set by the Scottish government is income tax.

If Mr Johnson is talking about income tax, then this claim is incorrect.’

They are more diplomatic. I believe he simply lied but if he was merely ‘incorrect’ then that suggests a level of incompetency that makes him unfit for any kind of power let alone Prime Minister.

How many more lies or inaccuracies has he told the British public?

No doubt countless. This is where we are. In the US they call them ‘Trumps’ and in the UK we should call them ‘Boris”. Because that is what they are now.

Douglas James