How this man became Prime Minister is up there with why the corporate media was so silent about Roman Abramovich for the best part of twenty years. It reveals a very sinister malignancy at the heart of UK and global politics. The corporate media are about as much use as a feather duster in an avalanche.

Boris Johnson should be no where near power let alone government. He is obviously a stooge for some malignant group and as soon as the evidence is found it should be shared across the land.

Sharing information with him was and almost certainly still is a big issue for the UK security services.

  • Sources have said that Downing Street’s decision not to share certain security information with Johnson was based on a variety of factors, including a lack of trust in Johnson, and personal enmity between him and Theresa May
  • A report also claims in 2017 that British spy chiefs were “wary” of sharing information with Johnson because they didn’t trust him.

And Boris Johnson’s phone was taken off him because MI5 feared the Prime Minister was a “massive security risk”, it has been reported.

The Tory leader hit the headlines in April 2021 when it was revealed that his private phone number was freely available on the web – and had been since 2006, when it was included at the bottom of a Tory press release.

Concerned Johnson would not comply with demands to change his number, MI5 ordered that the phone be confiscated within 24 hours, according to the Mail on Sunday. One source told the paper that agents feared a “massive security risk”. 

Downing Street confirmed that the phone had been taken away but denied it was MI5 agents, stating merely that is it was “officials”.

Security chiefs were also said to be worried about the Tory leader potentially leaking highly sensitive information due to his habit of conducting business over WhatsApp.

And his penchant for loose women has also meant that the security services have had to regularly be on their toes including when he began his adulterous affair with Carrie Symonds.

All in all we have a rotten egg prime minister in a rotten egg government complicit a rotten egg world order.

Does all this make Boris Johnson a traitor? Absof***inlutely!!!

Douglas James


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