This is the narrative being sent to the corporate media:

‘On the first day of the Labour Party conference, alarming deepfake videos featuring Sir Keir Starmer surfaced, highlighting the perilous implications of deepfake technology and artificial intelligence within the realm of UK politics.

These fabricated videos of the Labour leader made their appearance on X, previously known as Twitter, early on a Sunday morning, coinciding with the gathering of senior figures and party enthusiasts in Liverpool.

A deepfake typically involves manipulating an image or video, either visually or audibly, to portray fabricated actions or statements by a person or object.

One of the spurious audio clips, shared by an account with fewer than 3,000 followers, falsely portrays Sir Keir Starmer mistreating party staff—a fictional incident that never transpired. The second deepfake video implies that Sir Keir is criticising the city of Liverpool.

This occurrence brings to mind a recent event during the elections in Slovakia, where a fake audio recording emerged, supposedly featuring Michal Simecka, the leader of the Progressive Slovakia Party, engaging in a conversation with a prominent journalist from a daily newspaper about election manipulation. Both parties promptly refuted the authenticity of the audio, which was later revealed to be manipulated with the use of AI, as analysed by the AFP news agency. Ultimately, populist former Prime Minister Robert Fico secured victory in the election on a platform advocating the withdrawal of military support for Ukraine. While the impact of the false video on the election outcome remains uncertain, Monika Todova, the journalist involved, expressed her dismay, emphasizing that the audio was a deepfake, even though some voters believed it to be genuine.

In the United Kingdom, concerns have also arisen regarding the threat posed by AI to the democratic process. Dame Wendy Hall, a prominent computer scientist, issued a stark warning during an interview with Sky’s Beth Rigby, stating that AI poses a more immediate menace to UK democracy than any hypothetical existential threat. She highlighted the potential for a surge in disinformation, including deepfakes, in the upcoming elections due to the ease with which AI can generate and disseminate deceptive content. Dame Wendy, who serves on the government’s AI Council, called for greater efforts to detect and verify the authenticity of digital content, particularly as significant elections in the US, UK, and EU approach.

Dame Wendy urged the government to prioritize deepfake detection technology at the upcoming global AI summit scheduled for November 1 and 2, emphasising the need to ensure that information comes from trustworthy sources.

AI-driven threats are not limited to the political arena. Recently, actor Tom Hanks raised concerns after a counterfeit advertisement featuring his likeness promoted a dental plan without his consent, utilizing an artificial AI version of him.’

It appears from now on that anything the establishment does not like, they will blame on AI. In some cases, they may have a point, but in others, they will be making it up. No surprise there. However, for them to pretend that it is an ‘immediate menace to democracy’ when we actually live in an oligarchy or plutocracy and the establishment runs the show, not the public, is one hell of a cheek. The corporate media and the billionaires are the conductors, with many of the politicians their puppets. We are expected to play the instruments as instructed and in no other way.

Whether the following are real or fake is irrelevant. The much more valid point is that no one would be surprised if they were reality and that is why so many believe them. Starmer, like the majority of his party, is merely a fascimilie of the Tory party. We all know it, no matter how many try to deceive themselves.

Have a listen and make your own minds up how real they sound:

Truth is now a luxury. Reality requires hard endeavour. Illusion is easy.

Douglas James

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