Here are some of my initial half-formed thoughts regarding the horrific shooting incident in Christchurch New Zealand.

Undoubtedly; alas undoubtedly – we will see various politicians trying to jump on the bandwagon of outrage and use the incident for their own nefarious purposes as the dead are replaced by their holy cause.

Some will blame the victims [Muslims] for the crime and demand more expulsions, more immigration control, more demonising of the other. Indeed this is already happening in Australia.

Some Politicians will blame Social Media for the crime and demand we shut social media down or; impose crippling control on it in such a way that only the narrative of the elitists commands what we can say and think.

Other’s (Fascists of course) will glory in this defilement of human life and call for more not less violence against the ‘others’ and you all know what kind they are.

There are many false Stages that lead a society towards Genocide; such as…

The dehumanisation of the Other.

The mass polarisation of the general populace.

Convincing the populace for the need to do something extreme to resolve a non-existent problem.

The extermination phase.

Denial of complicity.

So what is real?

Well for a start we can all begin to admit to ourselves that cowardly right-wing white Christian men with guns, murdered unarmed Muslim people because they were cowardly right-wing Fascist scum and that the internet, immigration, and faith, had nothing to do with the slaughter in New Zealand – or Norway – or Srebrenica – or Auschwitz?

These scumbags in Christchurch are Fascists. They are right-wing extremists and; Fascists always end up killing people… always! Creed colour faith none of these matter. If you disagree with them they will inevitably want to murder you. If you represent an opportunity to gather power for themselves through the false promotion of fear and hate, they will gladly exterminate you. So in response to this reality is it not time that we went after the right-wing instigators of hate and jailed them – all of them – every single one of them?

Now you may say, “But that surely leads us to be like them?” and you are correct, but would you rather be dead?

Our forefathers knew how to deal with Fascists – it was a hard lesson and we need to return to that seat of learning. We can be nice after the Fascists lose…

Kanjin Tor