The protocol negotiated with the EU aims to:

  • avoid a hard border between NI and the ROI
  • make sure of the integrity of the EU’s single market for goods
  • facilitate unfettered access for NI goods to the GB market, and the inclusion of NI goods in free trade agreements between the UK and third countries.

As a result of the protocol, NI has in effect remained in the EU’s single market for goods (England, Scotland and Wales have left the EU’s single market for goods).

This allows goods to flow to and from NI to the ROI and the rest of the EU as they did while the UK was a member of the EU, without customs checks, tariffs or new paperwork.

The EU’s rules on customs and regulation of agri-food products will continue to apply to goods arriving in NI.

What is the UK threatening, why now and what are the consequences?

However, the issue is the Northern Ireland protocol, signed by Boris Johnson in January 2020.

It is now threatening to derail the new Stormont power-sharing government after the Democratic Unionist party refused to appoint new ministers until the checks on the Irish Sea border on goods coming into Northern Ireland from Great Britain were scrapped.

Here Conor Burns explains that the protocol signed by Boris Johnson and supported by his Leave obsessed buddies is completely unfit for purpose.

He will not be honest we all know that. Flannel… to keep the mob happy is what UK politics has become.
From inside and outside of the government the dodgy deal done to get out of EU has backfired big time.

From Jacob Rees-Mogg

From officials at Dover:
This is not about leaving the EU it is about how we left. A shoddy dodgy deal that was not even from the oven let alone oven baked as Liar Johnson fed the walking dead.

Douglas James

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