Despite the devastating news that refugees have been moved from the Beresford Hotel in Newquay on 6th April, Cornwall Resists has stated that it still plans to protest in Newquay on Sunday 9th April. 

Cornwall Resists had originally called a counter protest to the far-right objecting to refugees being housed at the hotel on Sunday. 

The group have stated that they will reclaim the streets of Newquay to show the far-right that they haven’t won and and their hate is not welcome on our streets. They will meet outside the Beresford Hotel at 11am. 

A statement from the group reads:

“We are devastated at the news that the refugees have been forced to move out of the Beresford Hotel. Our hearts are with these people as they are uprooted and begin another difficult journey in their search for sanctuary.

“We are disgusted and angry that our council and MPs have prioritised ensuring Cornwall is a playground for rich tourists rather than helping those in need. It was clearly their plan from the start to use refugees as an income source over winter, then boot them out to make way for the tourist invasion in Springtime. The fascists celebrating today would pat themselves on the back for making the tide come in each day, if only their leaders claimed responsibility for it!

“If they think this news will stop us taking to the streets, they are wrong.

“We will be on the streets of Newquay on Sunday. It’s more important than ever to show a strong feminist anti-fascist and anti-capitalist presence on our streets. We need to show the far-right they haven’t won, that we are part of our communities, and their hate is not welcome.”

A spokesperson from the group stated:

“The far-right have tried to weaponise women’s bodies for their racist agenda. They’ve tried to weaponise the housing crisis to promote hate. They don’t care about women and they don’t care about houseless people. They were nowhere to be seen when violent and sexual assaults were the biggest crimes in Newquay. They are nowhere to be seen when it comes to taking action against the housing crisis. And now it’s back to white people exploiting our environment and our bodies, they will crawl back into the woodwork and not give a shit about the issues we’ve been working on for years.

“We want to build an autonomous Cornwall, a Cornwall that’s built for the people who live here, not second homeowners who exploit our resources and price us and our children out of our homes. We reject this far-right government, who refuse to give sanctuary to refugees while making vast profits from the bombs that have devastated their homes and caused them to flee in the first place. 

“We will show Newquay that we’re here, and we’re here to stay. We want to show that Newquay is antifascist and that it belongs to women, mothers, queer folks, trans folks and survivors”. 

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