Despite Labour clearly being the party of the working & middle classes, poor, vulnerable, unemployed, disabled, small businesses etc…If you pick up a newspaper, turn on your TV or radio, or go online, you will see the panic from the Tories, UKIP, Lib Dems and Media re Corbyn has started-they are in full “Say ANYTHING-even blatant, outright lies about Corbyn & Labour: We have to bring him down at all costs! Try and discredit the man, so people don’t even give the policies a chance!” mode. Now, I appreciate it is very easy to get draw in to this negative narrative. Please don’t be. There is a very good reason this narrative is being created, especially from Theresa May’s point of view: They do not want you to hear Corbyn speak, unedited, about the policies. If you do, you will see they are fully costed and very good, basic common sense ideas. This is because, Corbyn’s policies are majority popular with the public, WHEN people hear them. Without the attached lies and anti-Labour propaganda.


POTENTIAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY: Remember-the Tories are under police investigation for electoral fraud. This is potentially a major embarrassment for both them and this country. Again.

HEALTH: Remember, if May wins-and it is no coincidence the man who wrote the book-literally-on privatising the NHS is in charge of Health!!!-YOU WILL NOT HAVE A FREE NHS within just a few years. Re-read that and take it in. Spending per head on the NHS has gone down, and will go down year-year under the Tories. At the exact same time the demand is going up. We spend less per head of public money on health than AMERICA-which has a fully privatised system!, and all bar 3 western European countries!!! Corbyn’s Labour want to invest more in the NHS, more in social care and stop the race to full privatisation. Remember, the NHS was voted the best healthcare system in the world, by the rest of the world, by both medical professionals and the public. This is something to be immensely proud of and defend for our lives. Literally. Not be dismantled and sold off due to lies about that being the only option!!!

POVERTY: Poverty and child poverty are at record highs-Remember food bank usage (you have to be referred by a doc or social worker) has gone from 41,000-odd to over 1.3million since the Tories came to power. This is in the sixth richest country in the world. Disgraceful. Homelessness is at a record high, OAP poverty is too.

SECURITY/FOREIGN POLICY: Are you sick of endless wars? Of sending our brave forces to their death based on lies and manipulation? I am. Every one I know is. Corbyn is NOT a pacifist as the Tories will tell you-he is just force as a LAST resort, not first. i.e. Corbyn has confirmed he would have ordered those Paris terrorist attackers to be killed to save the public, but not go blindly, ignorantly, into Iraq. Remember, Jeremy Corbyn was correct about Iraq X 2-he passionately opposed John Major & Tony Blair on this and Afghanistan, about Syria X 2 now, Libya, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when we did, The Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4 etc etc. The Tories were wrong about Arpartheid-they called for Mandela’s head when Corbyn was being arrested for being anti-racist and trying to end Arpartheid. Corbyn’s Labour will invest in proper kit for our brave forces. In post-conflict physical and mental health care, will get our war veterans of the streets. Labour will not ask our brave citizens to risk their lives on a lie, under Jeremy Corbyn. There is a reason he won the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2013…

EDUCATION: The Tories, much to the disgust of the teacher’s unions and parents, have slashed school spending while wanting to bring back grammar schools and ramp-up the inequality gap right at the start of children’s lives. Corbyn believes in fully-funded good education for ALL. Not just the rich kids. Labour under Corbyn believe that education should be free to all; the person who may have the cure for cancer may not be able to afford to go to uni…in other words, education benefits us ALL, not just those doing the courses! Plus, of course, Labour has pledged to bring much-needed free school meals for all.

OAPs: The Tories WILL NOT protect the triple lock on Pensions. LABOUR WILL GUARANTEE THE TRIPLE LOCK FOR PENSIONERS. Labour will reduce OAP poverty and access to public facilities and social/health care.

EMPLOYMENT: The Tories will say we have record employment! We say-what, you mean totally insecure work with little worker rights? Zero hours contracts? Labour will place an emphasis on secure work, good pensions, protect worker rights. Labour will move to close the massive pay gap between bosses and workers, with an example pay ratio of 20:1. Not several hundred to one as with the Tories.
LABOUR WILL INTRODUCE 4 NEW BANK HOLIDAYS, as the UK has the fewest in Europe. The could cost the economy £1-2billion, but the Bank of England say the spending due to being off will be the same amount-so it’s ‘cost neutral’ and you get far more time with your family & friends. The UK deserves better treatment for workers, Labour offer a £10 an hour minimum wage!

ECONOMY: The Tories have missed EVERY SINGLE ONE of their own economic targets. Every one. They have borrowed more in the last 7 years, than every other Labour government in history. Combined!!! The main issue is not the borrowing, but that they have being doing this WHILE implementing austerity!!!!! That’s how incompetent they are economically! We are literally, economically, the most unequal country in Europe. Labour’s economic plan is based on the highly successful German National & Regional Investment Bank model. It is backed by at least 2 Nobel Prize winning economists and former Bank of England advisers. Even the BOE itself and the IMF have said massive public investment is needed.

So, while the Tories have printed and pumped money into businesses, subsidising energy companies that make billions in PROFIT, with billions in public money, Labour want to invest in people. Why is it OK to print money for corporations, but not the people?! Cuts-aka Austerity-is not only morally reprehensible, it is economically stupid. 


Re Tax: Corbyn wants to return the very richest to paying 50% tax, and keep the Corporation Tax at the already-low 20%, rather than reduce it again to 17% as the Tories have said they will do. Remember, under Thatcher, the top earners were paying 70% at times. So, please do not let the Tories say Corbyn is targeting the entrepreneurs!!! He is SUPPORTING entrepreneurs!!! The plans are costed, as you can see here:


IMMIGRATION: Voting for Labour will mean immigration coming down. This is a very basic maths sum: currently, we have the levels of migration we do, because the Tories-via austerity-are not investing in people via training courses etc. The consequence of this is that we need migrants to fill those roles, and the roles so poorly paid, only migrants are interested in taking those jobs. What happens now if Theresa May wins again-MORE austerity, less jobs for British workers as they do not have the training required. So, then migration has to go UP to compensate for this!!!!! Do you see the vicious circle here?!?! Corbyn says he will not lie about a figure migration will be set at, because he knows that will depend on public investment now, mainly. Or, you can believe the lies the Tories & UKIP peddle. BTW-Who was Home secretary when all these migration levels have risen since 2010? Theresa May!!!!! If she failed to match her promises then, why believe her now???!!!! Migrants play an enormously beneficial role in our NHS and other vital services. They also pay into our economy more than is taken out by the same people. Or, again, you can believe the lies of May, Nuttall etc.

BREXIT: Labour want a PEOPLE’S BREXIT, NOT AN ELITIST’S BREXIT. While May wants to turn the UK into an isolated tax haven with threats to the EU before we start, Labour want a Brexit that works for ALL UK citizens. Not just big business. We want the focus to be people: on jobs, security, education, health etc. Theresa May wants it to be about showboating and her mates in the city. Labour wants it to be about me, you, my family, your family, my friends, your friends. Labour wants to protect jobs. The Lib Dems offer nothing at all as a party, except denying the democratic vote from June last year. Labour campaigned for Remain, but Corbyn respects the people’s wishes. The Lib Dems don’t. UKIP just stand for hate and division, not British people.

IDENTITY/PATRIOTISM: I am proud to be British and proud to be Welsh. Under Labour, neither of those things are a contradiction. Jeremy Corbyn wants the UK to remain united, but is in total support of all the devolved countries having more funding and more say on their own affairs. To me, being British is being pro people: it is looking out for each other, creating united communities, not turning our back on desperate people in need. Being British means standing up against hate. Against prejudice. The 4 new back holidays Labour offers are on all the individual national days; but so that every one can celebrate their own identity in a very positive way, and with 4 extra days off work!

THE DISABLED/UNEMPLOYED.VULNERABLE/POOR: Labour have confirmed they will protect pensions. The Tories will not. Labour will invest in and support disabled people. The Tories have treated disabled people with utter contempt. Slashing funding at the same time they cut taxes for the rich. They are currently under investigation by the UN re breaking the human rights of disabled people. Literally the first thing the Tories did after winning in 2015, was to scrap the fund to help disabled workers back to work. What does that tell you?

Benefits ‘cheats’ make up-government’s own stats-LESS THAN 1% of claimants. Nobody supports abusing the system, but neither will Labour class a tiny minority as representing the vast majority. As the Tories and UKIP do. We should be proud as a nation that we support those in need of state support.

Remember when Labour got the Tories to U-Turn (one of over 30 U-Turns with Corbyn in opposition BTW) on tax credits? Remember they gave another tax cut to the richest wile cutting the support to the poorest. Labour will invest in people to get them into work, while applicable, and out of poverty.

HOUSING: Labour will build over a million new social houses. UK citizens are being left behind by this government-there is a completely unnecessary housing crisis. Thank the Tories for that. Can’t afford the private rents? Thank the Tories for that. Bedroom tax? Thank the Tories for that. Time after time they have failed. Enough is enough.

ENVIRONMENT: Labour is committed to creating more jobs in the renewable energy sectors. Labour is committed to maintaining all the environmental agreements we have signed up to.

GENDER ISSUES: This says it all, really:

Oh, and if you are considering voting for the Lib Dems under Tim Farron, please remember this:

The Tim Farron myth: I have heard a few people praising Tim Farron’s leadership of the Lib Dems. I used to think years ago that Farron seemed a reasonable sort of chap-he always seemed to come across as such. However, It’s worth pointing out to people:

*He abstained on the vote re Gay Marriage

*He SUPPORTS Trump’s bombing of Syria

*He leads a party that SUPPORTED the Tories austerity agenda, and still do support austerity as far as I can see

*He whipped his party to vote to SUPPORT the bombing of Syria when parliament voted for it

*He has been an embarrassment in the way he has joined the ranks of the “bring Corbyn down at any cost!” narrative, while at the same time going out of his way to praise Tony Blair

*I voted & campaigned for Remain. We lost. I’m gutted, but no matter how much misinformation was peddled, I have to accept it. Like I had to accept the 2010 & 2015 GE results. Farron is very clear that he does not support the result of the binary democratic vote in that he wants a second referendum. Despite MPs voting to have the binary choice referendum, and nobody at all saying the public vote would only be advisory. This coming from a man and party who insist (and I wouldn’t disagree) that we don’t have proper democracy in the UK due to the FPTP voting system. Apparently one of his ‘red lines’ for any coalition is Proportional representation WITHOUT a referendum. I mean, the irony?! So, ‘democracy’ when it suits you only eh, Tim?

*He generally votes for military intervention
*He has voted IN FAVOUR of benefit reductions
He has voted against disabled and ill people (though sometimes for).

But one startling example: Farron voted NOT to make an exception for those with a cancer diagnosis or undergoing cancer treatment from the 365 day limit on receiving contribution based Employment and Support Allowance in 2012

*He claims he wants to be part of a collective alliance-yet confirming he would NOT go into an alliance with Labour, but he would NOT RULE OUT another Tory alliance a la the 2010-2015 Coalition?!

*Re the 50p Tax rate: Despite describing the coalition government’s abolishment of the additional tax bracket as “morally repugnant” and “economically witless” in 2011, in June 2015 Farron stated that he would not support its re-introduction.
Etc etc…

If this is the idea of ‘progressive’ and ‘Liberal’ politics, then way are well and truly doomed! Farron is a war-mongering politician who tries to present himself as the opposite of the regressive elitist he really is.

So, please see the video below.

It is filmed by a Tory, in a Tory heartland. What I think it shows well, is that people-of all political persuasions and none-think Labour’s policies are best for them and the country. It also shows how the negative media narrative has meant the totally unfair demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn. Because he stands up for the working and middle classes. Because he stands up for me, you, mine and yours. Because he stands up for the poor, vulnerable, disabled and unemployed. He is us, and we are him.

I implore you to read this again, check these things out for yourself, and go against what you are told to believe by the media and Corbyn critics. There is a reason they are trying to do this, for the same reason people boo Ronaldo and not the Real Madrid left back-Corbyn is a threat to the status quo. To the media barrons. To the tax avoiders. To the war mongers. To the super-rich. This is such a rare opportunity to elect someone who walks it as he talks it-Remember, Corbyn’s tax return showed he paid too much tax!! It shows he gave his pay rise to charity, as promised. It shows he pays for some of his own staff out of his own pocket. His expenses? They were £8.95 TOTAL, for an ink cartridge, in one period; at the same time some MPs were claiming tens of thousands of pounds.

I will be voting Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn. I do not want a Prime Minister who is dishonest. Who is a war monger. Who protects only the richest people. I do not want a leader who is media trained to the nth degree. Who is power hungry at all costs. I wanted a Prime Minister I can TRUST. For the first time in my life, WE, FINALLY, have a chance to break the mould. To support someone who is not part of an elite cartel.

Who has unbelievable strength (he defeated the coup, and as the LSE independent study shows, has received the worst lies/abuse/hatred/character assassinations/bullying of ANY leader. Ever.), an unbelievable track record on making the correct call on every single major UK issue for over 30 years. Every one. Who else can boast that?! Oh, and the fact that Corbyn doesn’t boast this is another reason I’ll be voting for him…

These are just some of the main issues – Transport, Arts/Culture etc are also covered, but I thought this was long enough as it is! So, please consider flying in the face of lies/abuse/character assassinations, please realise the consequences if Labour don’t win-they are unbearable to think  and please vote for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. Before it’s too late for us all…

THANK YOU for reading this far. Please help become part of the solution, not the current problem…




Adam Samuels