Dear Chuka

Is it fair to say Chuka Umunna is the golden example of what is left of the bizarre, ruthless, hypocritical, agenda-driven, anti-democratic, pro neo liberal part of the party? I am basing this on him leading the official Select Committee investigation into anti-Semitism in the Labour party and concluding there is no big or endemic problem (Note-this is NOT me saying there is no problem with a tiny minority) with anti-Semitism or any racism in Labour. He also said there was definitely no major problem as he had never seen/heard/experienced a single episode of anti-Semitism a couple of years back.

Now he says the party is endemically, institutionally anti-Semitic. Which, using his own words and evidence, and actual facts and evidence from elsewhere, is clearly an outright lie. Why Chuka? If we want to eradicate the cancer of anti-Semitism, how is completely undermining the fight against it, while outright lying about it. TBC again, this is not me saying there are not people that need kicking out. When our own government is officially affiliated with the racist & anti-Semitic Hungarian government, and has not implemented the IHRA definitions & examples, why are you silent on this?

Why Chuka did you say that you thought it would send a terrible message re democracy, and be permanently damaging to the country if we were to have a second EU referendum, then now demand that we must have one? While at the same time calling Labour party members “dogs” and hurling abuse and bullying behaviour almost on a daily basis at our twice democratically-elected leader and then saying you need him on board to get any second referendum…then again starting your attacks when he doesn’t bow to your hypocrisy?

If you are going to start a new party, thus making the task of removing this awful CONservative government-whose former ministers you are happy to share lots of platforms & agreements with, much harder, FFS, get on with it. But remember, you can’t keep blaming us members and Jeremy Corbyn for you being wrong. Consistently, spectacularly wrong. You chose to withdraw from the first leadership contest. Then you backed the candidate who got 4.5% of the vote. If it takes you massaging your echo to the extent you are happy to prop up this appalling Tory regime, then get on with it. The rest of us are used to trying to clear up your mess…you know, being the “dogs” that we are.

For the record, whether we agree on many things or not, WE would prefer to unite Labour and work together for the very reason our party exists-to fight for social justice and an end to exploitation and corporate governance. It appears that is not something you wish to engage with; in fact, quite the opposite!. WE are happy for people to disagree, fight for what they believe in. Jeremy Corbyn has done that for 35-odd years in parliament. He just didn’t attempt to remove a (potential) Labour government or put his interests before those he is elected to represent. He has never attempted to split the party and form a new one.

Just remember it is YOU hampering the progression of politics. You and only those who think like you. There is no one else to blame. Own your hypocrisy, abuse & bullying. Own your failures. Own your lack of solidarity. Own helping to keep this shambles of a ‘government’ in power. Go and find out just how unpopular you really are…

Adam Samuels