Dear Margaret

The response below was to Margaret Hodge’s post on her Facebook page. She posted photos of the letter she had received from the Labour Party regarding the disciplinary action being taken against her. Margaret claims she doesn’t know what she is being accused of. 

The author of the quote kindly agreed to me sharing this. It’s easily the best response to Margaret that I’ve read so far.

Eliza Evans


“It’s perhaps best not to try to be too disingenuous about this. All sections of the media reported on 18th July that you had shouted abuse at the leader of the Labour party in the chamber of the Commons the previous day. If this were not the case, if this did not happen, you have had ample opportunity, and still do, to put the record straight in the media.

On the wider issue of anti-Semitism in the Labour party, and of Jeremy Corbyn facilitating this, again, you have the choice of demonstrating, with documented examples, that this is indeed true. If it is true, and has been documented, the facts will speak for themselves.

Similarly, on the issue of the adoption of a definition of anti Semitism, if you believe that the document the Labour NEC has drawn up deliberately weakens the IHRA working definition, or does not address all facets of anti Semitism sufficiently, or creates doubt as to what can or cannot be quantified as Semitic behaviour, you have the opportunity to use any number of media outlets to identify exactly what is wrong, why it is wrong and how it should be changed.

I write this not as a Labour party member, not even necessarily a Labour voter (depending on the specific election and issues). However, I have many years experience working in the media: I am absolutely appalled by the current smear bandwagon being conducted against the leader of the Opposition, appalled by the seeming willingness of long-standing Labour MPs to whole-heartedly participate in this and appalled that at a time of deep, potentially very dangerous, political uncertainty, Labour MPs seemingly prefer to engage in a very public cat fight rather than confront the most incompetent, and right-wing, government the UK has ever had.”


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