Dear Maria Miller I’d be interested to know what, exactly, BoZo’s latest squeeze is to be paid £100,000pa in “allowances” for?

Sent To: Maria Miller; Cabinet Office
Subject: Symonds


I’d be interested to know what, exactly, BoZo’s latest squeeze is to be paid £100,000pa in “allowances” for?

The woman was sacked from Conservative HQ a few weeks ago for putting in dodgy expenses claims and now she’s going to be given £100K of taxpayers’ money a year just for moving in with the Liar-In-Chief?? What is this? Are we paying her for each slap that that connects every time they have a barney? At least the police won’t have to figure in petrol costs for their attendances, I suppose…

The value and proper social purpose of money don’t appear to mean anything to this government, certainly not to the self-serving ignoramus who’s now in charge of it. BoZo is about to waste £100m on a pointless advertising leaflet campaign to tell us what we already know. We’ll automatically reverse everything that the leaflets contain because he’s repeatedly proved to the entire world, never mind just Britain, that he’s an inveterate liar, and what we all know is that we’re about to be royally screwed over by him and his closet nazis and the fifth-columnist(s) in his Cabinet. Yet there are now 4 million children living in absolute poverty according to the latest reports, many of them from working families. Does no-one in the self-claimed “compassionate” Conservative Party think that £100m could be better spent on correcting a social problem that this government and its two predecessors have exacerbated beyond what anyone would have believed possible, via its economic illiteracy (or is it some kind of perverse sexual thrill that comes from deliberately hurting and killing people and creatures weaker than themselves?) over the past nine years?

Money WASTED by this government and its two predecessors: £50m wasted by Failing Grayling, just for starters and only while he was at the DfT, never mind how much the incompetent berk blew while he was at the MoJ! And now P&O are at the point of mounting their own lawsuit against the DfT over the whole ferry fiasco that he oversaw! Or how about £69m wasted on failed attempted defences by the DWP of their ongoing programme to exterminate the poor and disabled? No need go into any detail of the £300m “spaffed up the wall” (to use the Cowardly Oaf’s own term) by the self-professed Admirer of the Kommandant of Auschwitz, who never laid a finger on any of those for whose deaths he was responsible: Obergrueppentroll Iain Duncan Schmidt. How to kill vulnerable people at one remove. Explains the Tories’ employment of its lying disability assessment contractors, one of which is a declared delinquent company in the US for its active discrimination against disabled people, completely accurately, I believe.

If the “nazi” reference raises any eyebrows, then please tell me which other UK politician, supporting any other non-totalitarian ideology, would use the threat of starving the citizens of a neighbouring, friendly sovereign nation in order to get her own way over Brexit? Hmmm…? The creature that came out with that vomit-inducing statement is also the one who was sacked for committing sedition, if not outright treason, by holding her (not so) secret discussions with a foreign power! Odd, isn’t it, that if she’d been Home Sec in 1969 when her parents migrated to the UK from Uganda, almost at Idi Amin Dada’s gunpoint, she’d have been acting to deny them entry under her continuation of the so-called “hostile environment” policies started by the nazi Maybot with her “Go Home” van campaign. THAT openly racist policy, quite apart from her abject failure to negotiate Brexit successfully, will always be Terroresa May’s legacy. Nothing else.

Anyone wishing to refute the title of “nazi” would not be in communication, at any level, with that puddle of American diarrhetic sh!t, Bannon, yet who is? Oh yes… our minority-elected prime minister! Why don’t we just fill in all the blue bits on the Union Flag with black right now and then suspend it, banner-style, from every monolithic public edifice that’s available? It worked for Germany, when they operated IDS’s beloved Auschwitz, along with Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen et al. Until it didn’t work any more. Those who laid down their lives to end that sickening regime must be spinning in their graves at what BoZo and his cronies have turned this country into, under a monarch who couldn’t be bothered to get off her fat arse and lay a wreath in remembrance of them on November 11th, but who can still trundle herself around a poxy flower show!

The taxes paid by the UK public are not meant to be spent on senior ministers’ kept women, or propaganda campaigns to make the Conservative Party look like they know what they’re doing in government. Nor do we pay them in order to finance war after war to make already obscenely wealthy oligarchs in the already Nazi America even richer. If BoZo wants to extol the non-existent virtues of the Tory Party, let him use some of the ££millions that said Party receives from the deluded and greedy morons who support it! And if he thinks that chlorinated chicken and GMO poison are so wonderful, why doesn’t he just f$%k off and live there himself? He’d fit right in because their congenitally illiterate president is another demented liar, just like him, living in Cloud Hollywood Land.

Thanks to this government’s austerity policies, the high street is all but dead, and the only real consolation is that most of those retail giants that have gone belly-up were Conservative Party donors. I said to you ages ago, Maria, on more than one occasion: You cannot create prosperity by impoverishing the national consumer base. Not only have the retailers gone forever, but the corporation tax that they once contributed to the Treasury is also now just Scotch Mist. QED.

Sam Wallander is entirely correct when he says in his regular social media posts that we don’t have a government – we have a mafia. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Tories might share with decent people the species name homo sapiens sapiens but never will those who have taken part in inflicting the worst social conditions in the UK since the 1920s ever be entitled to be considered as human beings!


Darren Lynch