Dear Tony Blair

Your arrogance is simply astonishing. Absolutely astonishing. I mean, genuinely, even by your already high standards.

I have stayed silent while you tried your very best to bring down Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. While you insulted me and hundreds of thousands of other members. But, enough.

Show some respect. Show some humility. Show all the qualities you have so far failed to show since Corbyn became leader. i.e. Act as OUR leader has. Maybe then you will start to appear relevant again. Maybe.

In the meantime, may I suggest that the world you occupy is that of a tiny minority. Not anywhere near a majority. I am referring to both inside and outside of the Labour party. Something yourself, and others, STILL seem to fail to grasp. Or even attempt to try and understand. Or even want to?

I am, following the example of how to be a decent, inclusive, approachable, tolerant person set out better than anyone, by OUR leader, Jeremy Corbyn. This is not 1997. I implore you to check your calendar. This is 2017. Your name, and influence now, is an entirely different prospect in 2017; I honestly don’t think you get that. 

So, in this polite but firm tone, I implore you to LISTEN and LEARN. Trying to dictate a media narrative using the same approach that lost so many voters and members for Labour, is only going to mean I, and others, have to work extra hard to, once again, try and undo the damage to the Labour ‘brand’ that you inflicted/inflict. Of course, like anyone, you are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to bring down the party you are a member of. 

With this in mind, as a member of the majority, I would like to say thank you for the good things you did at the start of your tenure. But please recognise that your input is not sought or respected by us, the majority. It is only entirely counter-productive and I would argue worthy of disciplinary procedures given what you have already publicly stated and what is in the Labour rule book. 

May I suggest you brush away that shoulder chip, close down the focus groups, repeal the management training, and LISTEN. Listen and read. You will see you are only embarrassing both yourself and the Labour party.

Respectfully, Adam Samuels (On behalf of hundreds of thousands of Labour Party members still trying to remove the stain you left on the Labour Party; FYI It’s proving to be incredibly stubborn trying to remove it). 

P.S. Oh, and if this comes across as patronising and condescending, then consider that a small taste of how we have all felt about how you have treated us since Corbyn’s election as leader.

Adam Samuels