MP Diane Abbott has sharply criticised Speaker Lindsay Hoyle for neglecting to call upon her to speak at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions during a discussion on racism.

Expressing her dismay, the representative for Hackney North and Stoke Newington remarked that she was “astonished” not to have been given the opportunity to contribute, particularly in a debate “largely centred on racism, which directly involves me.” She emphasised her attempts, stating, “I rose to speak over 40 times. The Speaker contends that time ran out, but the reality is that he has the discretion to extend PMQs as needed.”

This marks the second instance where Abbott, who currently serves as an independent MP in the Commons following her suspension from the parliamentary Labour Party last year, has voiced her discontent towards the Speaker regarding this matter. “I question whose interests the Speaker believes he is representing. Clearly, it is not in the best interests of the House or democracy,” she asserted on Wednesday.

This controversy arises in the aftermath of a contentious exchange ignited by remarks made by Conservative donor Frank Hester, who expressed sentiments suggesting animosity towards Abbott, stating that she made him “desire to harbour animosity towards all black women” and even suggesting that she “deserved to be shot.”

Therefore, to conclude:. He says he ran out of time when, in fact, the time is down to his discretion. Thus, he must be a liar!

Lindsay Hoyle once said this about the funeral of a human:

He managed to discount every other event in history. The man is unfit for any office, but the establishment sees him as a very safe pair of hands.

And as for the two Tory Parties:

We are run by people and institutions that, when their time comes, will be ‘eleveator going down’.

Penny Lane

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