Following the blood red portrait of King Charles, which is deemed to symbolise the abandonment of the toxity of a Tory-controlled nation, characterised by a cold blue, towards a more liberated and equal political system… it is important to ask whether the Royals are attempting to be open about their past in an attempt to cleanse it. Is Charles seeking to wash away many of the stains in preparation for William to succeed him whenever the time arrives?

The second reveal can be celebrated for the honest exposure of their past and the murky history of the Royal Family in the twentieth century.

A murky history that includes:

The notorious Nazi salue in the 1930’s

Lord Mountbatten’s apparent attraction for young boys

Royal favourite Lord Mountbatten stands accused of abusing children, with a new case poised to reveal the complicity of the state in these heinous acts.

Arthur Smyth, who suffered sexual abuse as an 11-year-old at the infamous Kincora Boys’ Home in the 1970s, has named Lord Louis Mountbatten as one of his tormentors. Smyth’s case is just one among many, with a growing number of boys alleging abuse by Mountbatten. Kincora, overseen by William McGrath, Joseph Mains, and Raymond Semple, saw Smyth abused twice by Mountbatten in 1977, followed by prolonged abuse by McGrath. The trauma drove Smyth to a suicide attempt later in life.

At least three other boys were likely trafficked to Mountbatten’s residence in Ireland. One victim, Stephen Waring, later died under dubious circumstances, while another, identified as “Sean,” came forward in 2019 to accuse Mountbatten.

Mountbatten, former Viceroy of India and head of the British Armed Forces, was killed by an IRA bomb in 1979, along with his grandson Nicholas and a deckhand, Paul Maxwell. FBI documents suggest Mountbatten had a predilection for young boys. The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry found 39 boys were abused at Kincora but dismissed allegations against Mountbatten and denied complicity by security agencies.

However, evidence suggests otherwise. MI5 and the Northern Ireland Office protected McGrath because he worked for them, supplying boys for politicians and terrorists. Richard Kerr, another Kincora victim, claims to have met chief spook Sir Maurice Oldfield in the home in 1978. Military intelligence officer Colin Wallace exposed the abuse, but his efforts were ignored.

Mountbatten’s involvement in a conspiracy against Harold Wilson’s Labour government adds weight to the allegations. Operation Clockwork Orange, aimed at destabilising governments, could potentially involve covering up child abuse. Wallace’s refusal to continue with Clockwork Orange led to his dismissal in 1975, as he sought to expose the Kincora scandal.

Numerous inquiries into the case have failed to uncover the truth. The latest report by the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, released on the day of the queen’s funeral, offers little insight. Classified Kincora files will remain sealed until 2060, highlighting the state’s ongoing efforts to conceal its crimes.

Jimmy Savile being a close friend to the Royals

Prince Andrew’s association with Savile and Epstein

These are all examples of a long list of wicked behaviours and associations.

Those who are loyal to the Royal Family appear to want to preserve the dark history that the decent are thoroughly ashamed of. The alternative is though, NOT a republic. The alternative is to disavow ourselves from the feudal rulers and hierarchies that continue to make our lives hellish. The idea of a republic lacks imagination. We need a serious discussion of the future and how we want to proceed. The USA and France are excellent examples of why a republic should not be in it.

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