Do You Believe In God?

I had an interesting conversation with a guy the other day. It went like this:
Me: ‘Do you believe in a God?’
Him: ‘No not at all.’
Me: ‘Not even just as a possibility?’
Him: ‘Nope. I believe only in what science tells us.’
Me: ‘Okay – have you heard of quantum physics and the theory of the multi-verse?’
Him: ‘Oh yes – they reckon there’s an infinite number of parallel universes, all slightly different…’
Me: ‘Okay – so if you had an infinite number of universes – and I mean an everlasting number of different universes, all slightly different – then there must be an infinite number of possibilities. Correct?’
Him: ‘Correct!’
Me: ‘Then with an infinite number of possibilities, it must mean that one of those possibilities is the existence of God …’
Him: ‘Oh … I never thought of it that way…’
Me: ‘So therefore, according to science, God must exist … maybe not in our universe at the moment … but, theoretically … it’s possible… at least the probability is there.’
Him: ‘Mmm … I see your point.’
Me: ‘Anyway – thanks for the tea, vicar – must dash… bye!’

Martin Ison