…..or more importantly, does anybody actually take on board this annual Christmas Garbage?

Of course, I’m talking about The Queen’s Speech. Yes every Xmas afternoon the Nation is plagued with the more dross from this croaky old harridan.

She is bound to mention her subjects’. well sorry lady, I’m not your ‘subject’, never was, am or ever will be. I’m subject to nobody!

Certainly not from someone who has……

1. Willfully committed High Treason re EU Assent. 2. Has sponged all their life off of the taxpayer. 3. Is fabulously wealthy and does nothing to help the real needy in Britain. 3. Has access to a fortune in chattels, paintings etc to which the public has no access to. 4. Gives ‘Royal Assent’ to EVERY piece of legislation no matter how disgusting, put forward by every criminal Government without question or dissent. 5. Is not even the legitimate Monarch or wholly British.

So, why would anybody in their right mind even bother to give this parasite a moment’s thought.

James Pulleine