There is no doubting many dog’s capacity to sense danger and evil and to respond appropriately. Here Tory MP Flick Drummond and a Tory council candidate found out for themselves whilst out campaigning in her Hampshire constituency.

Flick takes up the story.

If you are a householder with a dog and blood on the steps outside your house, it is mine. It is the first time in 30 years of campaigning that I have been bitten but on behalf of all delivery people, can those with vicious dogs, please put something over the letterbox so people are not attacked. Renee Lu, our wonderful candidate in Whiteley was also bitten this afternoon, not by the same dog. Both of us have had to see a doctor and are now on strong antibiotics.

Ms Drummond said both she and the Conservative candidate for Whiteley and Shedfield, Renee Lu, were bitten by dogs in separate incidents, the first time in 30 years that it had happened to her.

Research has found that dogs have the capacity to sense earthquakes, storms, illness, seizures and labor. Now we can add sociopaths/psychopaths (aka Tories) to the list.

If you don’t agree with me just take a look at her voting record:

Penny Lane

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