The Tories don’t want to and cannot defend their domestic record in government. 

“Strong, Stable Leadership”, “Strong Economy” Now you can also attack Corbyn re lies about IRA, security, terrorist sympathising etc etc. NOTE: They are trying to discredit Corbyn the individual, as they have no way of discrediting policy. They are not even discussing their own policies!!! Theresa May and the Tories think YOU are gullible enough to swallow all this crap. Again. Don’t be.

Let’s take a look at some facts…

Re Tory “Strong, Stable Leadership” May said she would not call a general election many times, the last occasion being days before she called one. She is only speaking to invited audiences of Tory supporters. She is keeping almost all the media away. She is not announcing policies. She refuses to debate with Corbyn. The Tory expenses scandal rolls on, with the prospect at least, of criminal charges against several MPs looking to stand again this time. She herself has a party still split on Brexit.

She moans about immigration levels while-literally-being the one responsible for immigration as Home secretary for many years. She is the daughter of a vicar, yet espouses the most un-Christian-like policies you could ever wish to inflict. Theresa May is, quite simply, running scared, completely incapable of debating, completely incapable of defending the Tory record and doing the only thing the Tories (and UKIP) ever do-try and bring down the messenger at all costs. Theresa May is a compulsive liar and a genuine psychopath. Why that strong last term? Well, anyone who says they are more than happy to instigate killing millions of innocent people without batting an eyelid is, by definition, a psychopath. I didn’t write those terms.

Re “Strong Economy”. The Tories have missed EVERY SINGLE ONE of their own economic targets. Every one. They have borrowed more in the last 7 years, than every other Labour government in history. Combined!!! The main issue is not the borrowing, but that they have being doing this WHILE implementing austerity!!!!! That’s how incompetent they are economically! We are literally, economically, the most unequal country in Europe. Labour’s economic plan is based on the highly successful German National & Regional Investment Bank model. It is backed by at least 2 Nobel Prize winning economists and former Bank of England advisers. Even the BOE itself and the IMF have said massive public investment is needed.

So, while the Tories have printed and pumped money into businesses, subsidising energy companies that make billions in PROFIT, with billions in public money, Labour want to invest in people. Why is it OK to print money for corporations, but not the people?! Cuts-aka Austerity-is not only morally reprehensible, it is economically stupid.

Also remember that Corbyn predicted the financial crash of 07/08 in advance, even down to the specifics of the banking and American sub prime mortgage market issues. But was ignored.

Re IRA/Terrorist Sympathiser etc. The Tories will be ramping-up the IRA/terrorist lies re Corbyn. Again, let us look at some facts. Obviously what the Tories say about Corbyn supporting the murders/violence of the IRA is an outright lie. It was Jeremy Corbyn who was amongst the first to meet the IRA to try and broker peace. It was a long process that, with the help of mainly John Hume, but also Trimble, Major, Blair and others, culminated in the Good Friday Agreement. In 2013, Jeremy Corbyn won the Gandhi Peace Prize. In 2015, Her majesty the Queen made Corbyn ‘The Right Honourable’ Jeremy Corbyn. IF what the Tories/UKIP/Media etc claim was remotely true, how do these things happen? Are the Tories saying the Queen is a terrorist sympathiser?!

What they are also neglecting to mention, is just HOW involved the Tories were with the IRA, when blatantly lying to the public about it. Just see this from the excellent Another Angry Voice blog: Please do read this as it is truly astonishing.

Now, onto the other allegations against Corbyn re ‘terrorism’. Corbyn has been accused of supporting Hamas etc, and their violence and murders. Again, this is obviously rubbish. He has spent a massive part of his political life going to regions known for potential gender, disability, human rights issues and talking to, trying to persuade these people to change. Indeed, it was only down to Jeremy Corbyn that in early 2015 UK Parliament voted to recognise BOTH Israel AND Palestine as states. In order for the vote to go head, Corbyn even had to act as a Teller for the side he was against, in order to get it through!! As the Parliamentary records show, Corbyn is praised for doing this, and it is confirmed by the Speaker that he knows Corbyn’s view is to recognise both, and is thanked for his key role. So, as we can see, history proves Corbyn to be correct. Again. As it always does.

Oh, and if the Tories go with the ‘Corbyn appeared on Iranian State TV’ line, we should remember that the money he was paid for doing so was declared and all given to charity. Further to this, he also said nothing he wouldn’t say now!

Now to the Tories and terrorism. Once you have read the aforementioned outstanding AAV blog, also consider that the Tories support Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kazakhstan and many other terrorist and/or genocidal dictatorships around the world. The Tories have appeared on the TV stations of those countries. In Saudi Arabia, the Tories actively go out of their way to embrace a nation that has beheaded more citizens than ISIS these last couple of years. They LITERALLY are terrorist sympathisers.

Re Defence/National Security. I want a leader who has been consistently on the correct side of history. Are you sick of endless wars? Of sending our brave forces to their death based on lies and manipulation? I am. Every one I know is. Corbyn is NOT a pacifist as the Tories will tell you-he is just force as a LAST resort, not first. i.e. Corbyn has confirmed he would have ordered those Paris terrorist attackers to be killed to save the public, but not go blindly, ignorantly, into Iraq. Remember, Jeremy Corbyn was correct about Iraq X 2-he passionately opposed John Major & Tony Blair on this and Afghanistan, about Syria X 2 now, Libya, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when we did, The Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4 etc etc. The Tories were wrong about Arpartheid-they called for Mandela’s head when Corbyn was being arrested for being anti-racist and trying to end Arpartheid. Corbyn’s Labour will invest in proper kit for our brave forces. In post-conflict physical and mental health care, will get our war veterans of the streets. Labour will not ask our brave citizens to risk their lives on a lie, under Jeremy Corbyn. There is a reason he won the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2013…

So, as the Tories ramp-up their personal attacks on Corbyn, that as we can see, are blatant, outright lies, then ask yourself this-Why are they attacking him? When are they not debating policy? Why are they not saying their policies? Could it it be the same reason opposition football fans boo Ronaldo and not the left back? i.e. You attack and demonise the biggest, in this case political, threat to you.

So, please remember, and dare I ask, share this. Theresa May and the Tories think YOU are gullible enough to swallow all this crap. Again. Don’t be. Let’s make a positive change for Britain. Let’s back the man they hate for all the reason he is needed-because he is us. He is me and mine, you and yours. i.e. He is a threat, yes, but only to the establishment, corruption, war mongers and those that seek to make life so unequal.




*Some words used from a previous article of mine*

Adam Samuels