I have seen so many of these quotes from Doctors, Consultants, Nurses and all manner of NHS specialists and staff! People who have spent a lifetime caring for me, you and our families…. begging us all not to vote Tory!

THIS is the Election where our NHS is at stake. Tory win… we lose it!! This election! Next time it’ll be too late!! 

Cost of US Health Insurance = £4K per person per year (£16K for a family of four). Even then, there are ‘co-pays’ and ‘deductibles’ and a whole load of things they won’t insure you for (including a long list of pre-existing conditions).

Unpaid medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy in the US (two-thirds of a million people)…. and two-thirds of them HAD health insurance!

Don’t let the Tories destroy our NHS (or finish destroying it, to be more accurate!) Under Labour, NHS targets/outcomes (like operation, A&E and GP wait times) improved massively! Under the Tories, A&E wait times have grown massively, wait times for operations have grown massively, wait times to see a GP have grown massively and there is now a 40,000 shortage of nurses (as the Tories have removed the training bursary and underfunded the NHS!)

Meanwhile, despite repeated promises (lies) not to privatise the NHS, record amounts of the NHS have been privatised! A record £9.2 Billion of NHS contracts were given to private companies like Virgincare last year – to run for profit!

Last year, the Doctors in charge of over 60 hospitals wrote a joint letter to the Tory Prime Minister highlighting critical underfunding and stating that people were dying prematurely on trolleys in hospital corridors!! People being killed before their time!!

I don’t want to be like people in America! I don’t want:

– to have to take out very expensive health insurance…. and even then not be covered!

– to see people dying because they can’t afford cover!

– UK healthcare to cost 2.5 times more than it does now (US healthcare costs 2.5 times UK healthcare per person!)

– decisions about my healthcare to be made by millionaires and insurance company bean-counters; I want them to be made by medical professionals!

– myself or any of my family or friends to be made bankrupt because we can’t afford astronomical medical bills!

And I really don’t want me or any of my friends or family to die early on a trolley in a hospital corridor!

Seriously my friends. This is it! THIS Election! Last chance!

Tom Lane

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