Apart from the fact that Corbyn and Sturgeon came across as genuine, serious leaders and Swinson and de Pfeffel came across as imbeciles who have no answer to their atrocious past actions, something really leapt out at me.

When de Pfeffel was pressed on his reneging of his promise to hold an Independent Inquiry into Islamophobia in the Tory Party, the conversation went:

Bruce: But you’re not having an external Inquiry into Islamophobia as you promised on television.

de Pfeffel: And, let me. Yes we are. We’re having an Inquiry into all…. Islamophobia and all types of prejudice in the Conservative Party. Of course we will do that.

Audience Member: When?

de Pfeffel: We’ll begin by the end of this year, if we’re lucky enough to be returned.

“If we’re lucky enough to be returned”??!! So otherwise, you’ll just forget about it??!! Like it’s not important if you don’t win?! Like if you’re not in government, it doesn’t matter any more?! Like rooting out the inherent racism within your Party doesn’t really matter??!!

Yet another utterly disgraceful comment! What a hollow sham of a promise! What a shambolic sham of a man! No-one seemed to pick up on it afterwards and I guess no-one will. Another example of de Pfeffel letting slip how much tackling racism means to him!

Oh and, it’s already late November. I don’t believe him anyway!

And yet, of course, it’s Labour who are having to constantly deal with antisemitism accusations!

Tom Lane

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