DWT teams up with organic farmers Riverford to help both people and wildlife

Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) has teamed up with self-confessed veg nerds, Riverford, in a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of an organic and healthy food lifestyle, as well as providing an environment for wildlife and nature to flourish.

DWT has joined Riverford’s Veg Fund scheme, where Riverford make a charity donation for every new customer.

Alastair Cook, DWT’s Director of Fundraising and Marketing adds; ‘We are delighted to have Riverford as our organic partner for Dorset Wildlife Trust.  Both organisations are committed to encouraging a healthier lifestyle and environment.  They beat the same drum as us, ensuring that we have a sustainable environment for our future generations and that organic farming is really working with nature and not against it, encouraging natural pest control.”

Gill and Gareth Rossiter who run Riverford Dorset are keen supporters of Dorset Wildlife Trust.  Gill says, “DWT is an organisation close to our hearts; they do fantastic work and really do make a difference across the County.  Riverford has been growing organic veg since 1987 and working with nature – we know that there’s no need to resort to chemicals, nature already provides the solution.  Whether that’s using natural predators to control pests, growing crops in season, looking after the soil, or encouraging bees and other wildlife on our farms.”

Riverford will donate £15 to Dorset Wildlife Trust for every household upon delivery of the 3rdveg box.

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Veg Fund code is: VFUND1.  Customers can enter this code at the checkout online at www.riverford.co.uk or quote the code to customer services on 01893 227227.