No amount of ribbon-cutting, pleasantries or platitudes negates the fact that the royals’ primary value is their survival. That means erasing history and relatives is fair game.

Following on from my last article about Andy and his misremembering. UK Monarchy Unveiled brings you two more stories that the British royals would rather you forget.

Defenders of the UK monarchy often babble on about cherishing our history and the dangers of erasing it if we were to get rid of the monarchy. They conveniently forget that the George V expunged the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha from the record in 1917 at lightning speed. Facing rising anti-German sentiment and the start of bombing from the unfortunately named Gotha bombers caused George to fabricate the name and House of Windsor. He rejected the name Fitzroy on account of it being associated with royal bastards. I imagine many members of his extended family would have thought Fitzroy apt as he forced them to change their names too but he bought them off with peerages so allies gut.

The charade of the royals being all about family was best demonstrated was when he refused to grant asylum to his dear cousin Nicky, the last Tsar of Russia, despite Lloyd-George’s government giving him the green light. Like the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha name, Tsar Nicholas II and many members of his immediate family were erased. Except for them it meant being shot by the Bolsheviks.

When push comes to shove it’s monarchy first, family second and history be damned.

Steve Cook
UK Monarchy Unveiled


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