Rishi Sunak found the bottom of the barrel and then said, “Keep digging.” A few months later, they came back with Esther McVey. They tried to call her role ‘Minister without Portfolio for Common Sense’. It opened up another barrel, this time of worms, and last night they all kept tumbling out for a very amused audience.

Who is Esther McVey?

Esther McVey is a British politician who has been involved in the Conservative Party. She’s served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for several constituencies, including Wirral West and Tatton. McVey has held various ministerial positions within the government, including roles in the Department for Work and Pensions. She’s known for her involvement in welfare and employment-related policies.

Esther McVey has been involved in various controversies during her political career, often stemming from her positions and statements on social and political issues. Here are a few notable instances:

Comments on Food Banks: McVey faced criticism for her remarks about food banks during her time as the Minister for Employment. She appeared to downplay the reasons behind the increased reliance on food banks by claiming that the rise was due to more food banks opening rather than an increase in poverty or hardship.

Universal Credit Rollout: McVey was heavily involved in the rollout of Universal Credit, a welfare reform program in the UK. Critics accused her of misrepresenting the impact of the policy, downplaying concerns about delays in payments, and not adequately addressing the hardships faced by claimants during the transition.

Statements on LGBT Education: McVey has expressed reservations about the inclusion of LGBT education in schools, sparking controversy. She voiced concerns about the age-appropriateness of such teachings, leading to criticism from LGBTQ+ rights advocates.

Brexit: McVey has been a staunch supporter of Brexit, advocating for the UK’s departure from the European Union. Her positions on Brexit-related matters have been contentious, especially during the debates surrounding the withdrawal agreement and subsequent negotiations.

These moments have often drawn criticism from various quarters, with detractors accusing her of being out of touch with the realities faced by certain communities or of taking controversial stances on sensitive social issues.

If the Tories call this ‘common sense’ then surely Harold Shipman would have been equally as fitting.

Penny Lane

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