His parents were stuck in South America without the money to get to the USA. A rich Russian gave them the funds to get to New York, where their son was born. They  named their son Boris after their benefactor.
This pattern was to shape Boris Johnson’s life, of rich Russians willing to give him money. He seems to have many Russian friends, so many that reputedly British Intelligence services were concerned about Johnson, as Foreign Secretary, overseeing their information.  Both as London Mayor and as Foreign Secretary, he regularly went to Russian parties abroad, even, on occasion, leaving his Foreign Office close-protection officers behind in London!
It has been calculated that since 2010 £3.5 million has been given to the Conservative Party by Russians, nearly half a million this year. The suppressed report, that Boris Johnson does not want us to see, reputedly highlights the extensive connections between these donors and the Russian Federal Security Bureau. This Bureau is a direct successor of the notorious KGB and is under the direct control of Vladimir Putin.
No wonder Boris Johnson’s former boss, former Editor of the Daily Telegraph, Max Hastings, has described him as  “utterly unfit to be prime minister.”
Andrew Milroy
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