Ex Blairite Labour MP trolling Chris Williamson MP with defamatory anti semitism comments


Remember Tony? He was the Labour MP under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who was forced to resign his position on 5 June 2009 after allegations in the press regarding his expenses. So a ‘corrupt’ ex MP stalks a current MP and when asked to support his comments appears less than willing to provide.

Another Blairite his political career came to an abrupt end.

n 2009, McNulty was one of many MPs who were involved in a political scandal following the disclosure of expenses of Members of the United Kingdom Parliament. In March 2009, he admitted claiming expenses on a second home, occupied by his parents, which was 8 miles away from his primary residence, after details appeared in The Mail on Sunday. McNulty asserted that the claim was appropriate, but he ceased claiming the allowances. Subsequently, the Parliament standards committee said that advice from the Fees Office was “mistaken”. He was asked to apologise to the House of Commons and repay £13,837, which he did.

In an article headlined “Tony McNulty, Benefit Cheat”, Alex Massie in a blog for The Spectator contrasted the statements made by McNulty regarding benefit cheats with his own claims for expenses. On 18 May 2007, McNulty was one of the 98 MPs who voted in favour of exempting parliamentarians from the application of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

On 5 June 2009, after the revelations in the expenses scandal, McNulty resigned from the government. At the 2010 general election, McNulty lost to Bob Blackman of the Conservative Party. (Source Wikipedia).


Douglas James