XR UK has announced that there will soon be actions at oil refineries in the run up to the April Rebellion. We wrote this statement for use during these actions. XRTU are rank and file trade unionists who are also active in Extinction Rebellion (XR).

This is our message to all UK oil refinery workers. This action to shut down oil refineries across the UK is not aimed at you. It is part of the XR April Rebellion which will see mass nonviolent direct action against the global oil companies to shut down the fossil fuels that are destroying our world. We have taken every precaution to ensure everyone stays safe during our actions.

Our national newspapers and other mass media outlets will try to make these actions look as though XR are fighting oil refinery workers. We are not. This media false narrative is designed to divide us. We say that climate change is a working class issue and that we can unite against the oil companies that pretend that they aren’t responsible. With this in mind we ask that all workers, including extinction rebels, stand together and work together. N.B. Unite union policy as agreed at the last policy conference states:

“Composite #10: Climate Emergency (incorporating Motions 64, 66, 69, 70 +A and 73)Finance & Legal NISC Road Transport Commercial, Warehousing & Logistics NISC East Midlands/DE51 Chesterfield CMA Branch East Midlands/NN14 Barclays Works Branch North West/389 Manchester Social Action Branch East Midlands/Finance & Legal RISC (A) East Midlands/NN14 Barclays Works Branch (A)…

Conference believes: …that we cannot longer wait for our government of choice to implement policy to tackle climate change. We believe that a radical refocus on to environmental demands in the workplace is necessary to tackle the impending crisis and to ensure a just transition to a decarbonised economy, protecting jobs and livelihoods.

Conference recognises that a ‘just transition’ (that protects the lives, livelihoods and rights of working people, the poor and the disadvantaged) to a decarbonised economy is not only right, but is the only way the movement against climate chaos will secure the mass support needed to win, and avoid a rich minority protecting themselves at the expense of the planet and the vast majority of people.”

We stand in solidarity with fossil fuels workers. We support the reuse of existing skills and reskilling to new skills to secure a fair and democratic transition to jobs in renewable energy and other sustainable employment with guarantees on pay, terms and conditions.

We support the Fawley refinery strikes in their struggle for better pay today. ⁃ And together we can work for a world where we transition away from the fossil fuels that are killing us.

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