On Thursday 17th March 2022 800 people in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet were sacked via zoom. Starting on that day their jobs and livelihoods were stripped from them in one 2 plus minute call. The top jobs remained. The shareholders made priority. The replacements to be from a third party without all the terms and conditions that should be a basic requirement.

Imagine this was you. A person with a mortgage or rent. A person with bills and family. A person who clicks on a zoom link and then the floor falls away.

I have been made redundant. I know how it feels when bosses are allowed to make spurious decisions that turn out to be the wrong ones.

The system enables the wrong people to make the wrong decisions on behalf of others who have no say. Capitalism is not a democratic system. It is entirely about greed and debt and choking the planet to death. It always has been and always will be.

Ridding ourselves of the curse of a system that cheats the vast majority globally will not be easy.

As this man’s stated experience exemplifies the company cannot be trusted.

It matters not what company in reality. They are all the same. P&O today, another tomorrow. Turning humans in to cattle and then getting rid when the top brass say so. Capitalism is the least humane economic system. It is in fact the least likely to create a long term sustainable and healthy society or planet. It is rooted in competitive values that like a shark must keep moving, eating and creating little sharks. All for a tiny minority of very rich and powerful people who evidence suggests lack empathy and fit the mould of sociopathy or psychopathy.

The following sums up capitalism in the 21st century:

‘…The upshot of such an approach is something dismal and squalid: Vulnerability is targeted, duress exploited, and ignorance thoroughly mined. Nothing about such conduct is especially civil. And while one might nonetheless maintain that, in a world full of such agents, both parties to business transactions still benefit from them—and so everyone else more broadly benefits from their doing business—such a conclusion will invariably smack of something sterile, scientific, and ultimately specious, for most people certainly won’t feel that way.’ (The Atlantic).

And remember how the rich get to be rich. It is not nice.

Many of those who should be doing something to protect us at times like these will make the right noises but they too would have done the same. The system is toxic and fooling the public is in THEIR job descriptions.

But not all politicians

What can we do:

In the short term:

Join a Union.

Do not provide custom to any company one knows to be unethical and mercenary.

In the medium term:

Plan to keep all custom local and where possible use small community businesses.

Form or suggest to others that they set up cooperatives in which all decision making and income is shared as multilaterally agreed.

In the long term:

Build something new that benefits the local community, society and the planet in which no one gets to put themselves above others.

One in which the sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants is the primary concern.

P&O are the tip of the iceberg. Across the planet the system enables sociopaths and psychopaths free reign.

Kill the system and do not let the empathy free anywhere near decision making.

That will be a system to be proud of and one worth the energy of us all (except the sociopaths and the psychopaths who we will have to democratically decide how to deal with).

Any noise that says different comes from the enemy of humanity and nature.

Douglas James

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Pro capitalist governments will do nothing apart from making erroneous noises

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