Have you ever considered the most common themes that people post on Facebook (AKS Faecesbook)? Well now instead of rolling one’s eye we can play Facebook bingo. Just keep tabs on the following, or even make your own.

Roll up! Roll up! Weekly or perhaps daily fun for all the family.

The top 50 topics that people in the UK moan about the most on social media are:

  1. Weather (rain, gloominess)
  2. Public transportation delays and inefficiencies
  3. Brexit-related issues (uncertainty, political disagreements)
  4. Government policies and decisions
  5. Traffic congestion
  6. Housing prices and affordability
  7. Cost of living (including rising prices)
  8. NHS waiting times and healthcare quality
  9. Educational system flaws
  10. Employment opportunities and job market challenges
  11. Corporate greed and unfair business practices
  12. Environmental concerns (pollution, climate change)
  13. Inequality and social justice issues
  14. Immigration policies and debates
  15. Mental health stigma and access to support
  16. Crime rates and safety concerns
  17. Austerity measures and public service cuts
  18. Potholes and road maintenance issues
  19. Rail fare increases and service disruptions
  20. Utility bills (electricity, gas, and water)
  21. Slow internet speeds and connectivity problems
  22. Poor customer service experiences (retail, utilities, etc.)
  23. Noise pollution (neighbours, construction, etc.)
  24. High taxes and tax evasion
  25. Brexit’s impact on travel and freedom of movement
  26. Bureaucratic red tape and inefficiencies
  27. Council tax increases
  28. Benefit cuts and welfare system shortcomings
  29. Food quality and safety concerns
  30. Rising tuition fees and student debt burden
  31. Limited access to affordable childcare
  32. Social media censorship and privacy concerns
  33. Football (performance of clubs, refereeing decisions)
  34. Mobile phone contract issues and hidden charges
  35. The decline of traditional British values
  36. Outsourcing of jobs overseas
  37. Lack of affordable housing for young people
  38. Political scandals and corruption allegations
  39. Dwindling pension provisions and retirement age increases
  40. Overcrowded public spaces and events
  41. Brexit-related shortages (food, medicine, etc.)
  42. Public toilet closures and cleanliness concerns
  43. Gentrification and displacement of communities
  44. Gender pay gap and workplace discrimination
  45. Cyberbullying and online harassment
  46. High university dropout rates
  47. Lack of investment in public infrastructure
  48. NHS privatisation fears
  49. Decline of local high streets and small businesses
  50. Mental health support funding cuts.

Perhaps set up your own bingo, including some or all of the above.

Or help change society so that there are fewer things to moan about.

Choices, choices.

Penny Lane

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