I was expecting a whole load of callers all clamoring to win jackboots for supporting the rancid views of these two hate baters. But no, not a bit of it. I was very pleasantly surprised as all but one rang in to slam Anderson and his far right incitement.

The really funny bit is how these wealthy but sour individuals keep telling us that their malodorous views are shared by the majority and are then proved entirely wrong on a phone in.


The case for the prosecution:

Lee Anderson:

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Isabel Oakeshott:

Oakeshott is not known as a balanced journalist. She regularly portrays her prejudices… in her content. Here are just some of the controversial characteristics… assigned to her.

  1. “Call Me Dave” biography: Isabel Oakeshott co-authored a biography titled “Call Me Dave” about former British Prime Minister David Cameron. The book made headlines for its claims about Cameron’s university days and his alleged involvement in a controversial initiation ceremony. Some criticised the book’s content and accused it of being sensationalist and unverified.
  2. Allegations of sensationalism: Oakeshott has faced criticism for her reporting style, which some view as sensationalist or tabloid-like. Critics argue that her approach to journalism prioritises scandal and drama over fact-based reporting.
  3. Reporting on Brexit: Oakeshott has been a prominent figure in the Brexit debate, often advocating for the UK’s departure from the European Union. Her stance on the issue has sparked disagreements and heated debates with opponents of Brexit.
  4. Political affiliations: Oakeshott’s political affiliations and biases have been questioned by some, as she has been associated with right-wing and Eurosceptic viewpoints. Critics argue that her reporting tends to reflect these biases.
  5. Controversial interviews and statements: Oakeshott has conducted interviews and made statements that have generated controversy. Her interviews with political figures and public personalities have sometimes been seen as confrontational or biased.
  6. Accusations of inaccurate reporting: Some critics have accused Oakeshott of inaccurate reporting and spreading misinformation in her articles and broadcasts. This has led to disputes over the credibility of her work.
  7. Role in the “PigGate” controversy: Oakeshott was involved in the “PigGate” controversy, which stemmed from allegations made in the book “Call Me Dave” about an unusual incident involving David Cameron and a pig’s head during his university years. While Oakeshott did not make the original allegations, her role in publicising them drew significant attention.

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