Deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson has said it is a “myth” that people on Universal Credit are in poverty.

Leading a debate in Westminster Hall on the cost of food, the Ashfield MP dismissed calls for free school meals to be extended to all children in households receiving the benefit.

While providing no evidence to support his claims, he said some had “household incomes of over £40,000 a year” and “loopholes” in London allowed them to “top their wages up” by a further £30,000.

“There is this myth in this country that, if people are on Universal Credit in this country, they are in poverty,” he said. “And I dispel that myth right now.”

A spokesperson from the Department for Work and Pensions said: “Selective examples aren’t representative and don’t reflect the wider work incentives in the Universal Credit system.”

Whether one believes Tory Lee Anderson is a personal choice. One thing for certain he is not a nice man. Instead of going out of his way to help his constituents he does this to them. In Nazi Germany the SS and Gestapo got others to do their dirty work. At least Lee admits to doing his own.

If one wants to evaluate Mr Anderson’s honesty then this may help:

And where is the money coming from? Not those who care about the desperate it appears.

How can anyone describe the UK as civilised when the public vote people like Mr Anderson or any of his cartoon sociopaths in to government?

Penny Lane

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