Far right MP Richard Drax apologises for supporting the government

‘Apparently Drax in James Bond is named after one of Richard Drax’s relations who bullied Ian Fleming at Eton. Not surprised.’ (Andrew Adonis)

“I made the wrong call on Friday. I let down good friends in the DUP. The Withdrawal Agreement should never, ever see the light of day again.” says Richard Drax, apologising for backing the withdrawal agreement. The same DUP who campaigned against the Sunningdale Agreement of 1973, the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985, and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Most notoriously, however, during the 1980’s the party was involved in setting up the paramilitary movements Third Force and Ulster Resistance.

Therefore a terrorist supporting party is also supported by the MP for South Dorset.

He has also called for Theresa May to resign and no longer has any faith in her or her government. There are of course millions of people who are arguing that he can change his mind and vote but he will not support the public having an opportunity to express theirs. Apparently we call it democracy.

Douglas James