I’m so sorry, how stupid of me not to know

You still can’t have tattoos or piercings on show

It would seem that difference is still feared and hated

Surely that opinion is well and truly outdated?

I can feel taunting eyes

Of those who love to criticise

But you don’t know us all personally

I’m fairly certain you’ve never met me 

So why label me like I’m your property?

I am a human being, not a possesion!

Why is judging others such an obsession?

Proof that things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse

11th of August 2007, another body in a hearse

Its been five years now since Sophie

When will people see?

You can’t judge superficially!!

People probably always have, probably always will

Societies fear of the unknown means they label us mentally ill

Freak, goth, emo, weirdo

Why? Because we have how we feel on show?

Our tattoos, are ours, each one a work of art

Of how we feel, straight from the heart

It’s illegal to judge someone on sexuality or on their race 

So why judge, if someone has metal in their blood and on their face?

If you wanna get dreads or dye your hair

Why should anyone but you care?

I guess being modified, having piercings and tattoos 

Is always gonna cause unneccesary, unwanted issues

People are always gonna stare

Eventually I hope people wont care

You wanna label me a freak? Fine, it’s becoming a more popular crowd

i guess what I’m trying to say is… I AM A FREAK AND I AM PROUD!

By Rianna Jane