Arts centre brings community radio to life in Bridport

After a year of planning and fund raising Bridport Arts Centre team under Kate Wilson and support from Windrose Rural Media and Debra Hearne and Gorgie Green have now held meetings in Bridport. From next week – 17th sept – 23rd Sept – the concourse by Bucky Doo Square will see a large portakabin holding a studio for broadcast on fm 87.7 for 2 mile radius around central Bridport. With a team of volunteer presenters, technicians and interviews from a wide selection of contributers, the local people will have a chance to hear something that they have not had before. Plus a flavour of what could be a long term goal of real community radio – the status is fast growing around the country and making people realise that the mainstream radio mediums are there just too make money!!

Live prefomances will take place at this studio. Please come and visit  BRIDPORT FM 87.7  LIVE FROM CONCOURSE.  LIVING RADIO FOR YOUR EYES!!!!!!