How to identify your eating habits for weight loss.

Everyone has habits. They are routine behaviours repeated on a regular basis. They are unconscious as we don’t even realise we are doing them. From your getting ready for work routine, eating, drinking etc. We all have them, but can you identify yours? Can you identify your habits with food?

Most people who are trying to lose weight start out with great plans. A healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where they slip up is their eating habits. Common eating habits that will aid to weight gain: Missing breakfast and grabbing high calorie sugary foods later due to hunger. Eating the left overs of your children’s dinner plates. Mid day snack at work due to hunger or tiredness. Coming home from work hungry and raiding the fridge. Late night snacking in front of the tv. Going out for dinner and over-indulging because your out. Eating cakes at a staff meetings. Eating unhealthy snacks at the cinema. Eating when stressed/unhappy. Unhealthy choices at the services on car journeys.
Eating portions that are too large. Adding sugar to foods and drinks.

These are all habits that you have built. But remember un-doing a habit is just as easy to do as building one. First, you have to identify when your snacking. Then ask yourself, ‘am I hungry?’. If the answer is yes, then have a healthy snack. If the answer is no, maybe grab a glass of water instead.
Always be prepared. It’s when we have no healthy options to hand that it all goes wrong. Take healthy snacks to work or keep them in the fridge, so that when you feel the need, you have something to hand. Fruit, raw nuts and high protein low fat snacks and protein shakes make for great choices. Aim for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and allow yourself 2 healthy snacks inbetween. A key to keeping hunger at bay is to eat a high protein diet, which fills you up for longer. Unlike carbs and sugary foods that will quickly cause an insulin drop in the body, telling you that you need more food! So guys, why not keep a food diary this week. Write down when you eat and identify your bad habit times! Once you have spotted them, you can un-do them. For any further information on healthy eating feel free to drop me a mail