From Dorchester Learning Centre Via Weymouth College To A,B,C At A Level

An interview with Betsy Francis-Mearns on her successful journey to university.

Can you tell us what grades you achieved and what you are going to do now?

I achieved an A in Sociology, a B in World Development and a C in Photography. I am going to Bath Spa university to study Sociology, which I am very excited about as I am passionate about Sociology.

 You have had a varied educational experience. Can you summarise it and what you have gained along the way that has helped you to to achieve?

I attended Thomas Hardye School until year 10, then the staff and I agreed that the Dorchester Learning Centre would better suit my educational needs. Attending the learning centre was a new experience for me and my predicted grades at GCSE rose. I took part in extracurricular activities which helped me to shape my personality and took art classes which boosted my confidence at school.

When I came to Weymouth College I was very happy to be able to study subjects that I really enjoy and I found my passion lay in Sociology.

What is it about Sociology that has seen you excel? What aspects have you enjoyed the most?

There are countless amounts of sociologists with different views that you learn to critique. I really enjoy forming my own opinions based on the studies carried out by these people, such as Marx and Weber. I love learning about society and how sectors of society behave. Learning to read and collect data using research methods are a huge part of the course which I am very interested in as they allow you to see the bigger picture based on the demographics of a society.

What career aspirations have you at this time?

I am open to any opportunities that come my way in the field of sociology. Sociology opens up a range of career options from working as a social worker to a user researcher. I have an interest in government statistics so perhaps working for the Home Office as a researcher or collecting data would suit me.

Do you work part time alongside your studying?

I worked as a supervisor and barista in a bohemian cafe in Dorchester.

Do you consider it a help or hindrance? Please briefly explain.

I found it helpful because it allowed me to take my mind off my studies and meet new people. I enjoy customer service and working this job meant I gained more confidence and gained new skills which I can take to more serious employment opportunities.

Thank you Betsy and good luck at Bath and beyond.