The Greenhill Community Trust C.I.C. (GCT) were offered a thirty year lease by the Council which was officially endorsed on 11 February 2019. As soon as we were able, on 23 February 2019 an email was sent with a draft licence to the Weymouth Bay Sea Swimmers C.I.C. (WBSS) offering them a six month licence from 1 April 2019 to 30 September 2019 for their approval, as their current licence ended on 31 March 2019.

We fully explained the reasons that a 6 month licence was being offered as this was to give the newly formed GCT the chance to plan for the future. A chance that we hadn’t had at that time due to the lease only being made official on 11th February 2019.

WBSS never agreed the draft licence even though they were reminded on numerous occasions. GCT were, therefore, unable to finalise the licence, so we took appropriate action following the advice of our solicitor.

The GCT directors are dismayed and appalled at the way the WBSS directors have fuelled the frenzied on line attack against the Trust.

Let us be clear we have always recognised and supported the importance of the changing/bag storage facility situated in a temporary hut within the two-tier grade 2 listed building. We wanted to maintain this hence why we offered the 6 month licence.

We have followed with utter disgust remarks made by WBSS directors and members of their organisation many of which are unfounded and very personal, aimed at people who are caring, responsible, professional volunteers who are members of the Weymouth community. We have read their total lack of respect for the Trust, they have twisted the contents of emails, letters and conversations in an attempt to discredit us. What they expected to gain from this, we are at a loss to understand!

They have proved by their outbursts on social media that the relationship we had has now irretrievably broken down.

The Directors of The Greenhill Community Trust C.I.C.


  1. I am not a director of WBSS; however I would like to correct some of the partial and misleading assertions made here by GGCT.
    Firstly there were no ‘outbursts’ on social media by WBSS directors. The use of this inflammatory word is – sadly – an exaggeration – not to say an over-reaction and it is unhelpful. Many reputable groups now officially use social media as a primary medium to communicate with their members: the WBSS directors (as was their duty) merely informed their own community of the facts; however this may well have caused ‘dismay’ to the directors of GGCT who seem unfamiliar with these modern methods of communication.
    Secondly the above ‘response’ omits to mention that WBSS directors did in fact apologise this week for any ‘dismay’ or ‘shock’ caused by the publication of the facts to WBSS members; however GGCT directors have refused to accept the apology or respond to it, preferring instead to claim communication breakdown.
    Thirdly what GGCT also omit to mention here, is that all other leaseholders (the private beach-huts and cafe) were offered three year and five year leases respectively. WBSS advised GGCT that it was not possible to conduct their own business with such a short lease as 6 months and requested that they be given the same three year lease as the beach-hut lease holders. There was no response to this from GGCT or to any questions or requests from WBSS only refusals to discuss the matter and subsequently solicitors letters forbidding communication. Some WBSS members including myself wrote polite emails to the GGCT directors, attempting to convey to them the value of the Greenhill safe changing room to the community and the local economy, asking them to please reconsider. We have not even been given the courtesy of a reply.
    WBSS has offered this week to pay the fee demanded by GGCT and sign the short lease but, rather than accepting this useful income, the GGCT directors have prefer to maintain a state of silent hostility. WBSS is still willing to continue leasing the space which would give valuable income to GGCT and increase visitors to the gardens and the cafe. We are shocked in our turn that such a valuable community resource which has benefitted community health (and helped a record breaking Channel swimmer in her training) has been dismissed by GGCT as not worth keeping.
    In this public forum I challenge the directors of GGCT to prioritise good business practice: take the olive branch offered by WBSS, accept the fee, allow WBSS to continue and all work together for the good of the community.

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