Healthcare Homes, a leading provider of residential and domiciliary care across England and Scotland, proudly announces its sponsorship of the renowned Teddy Rocks Festival, an annual music event dedicated to raising funds for children battling cancer. 

Teddy Rocks Festival, initially conceived as a local fundraiser by a family grieving the loss of their son to cancer, has blossomed into a monumental three-day event held at Charisworth Farm on the outskirts of Blandford. Over the years, the festival has attracted thousands of visitors, hosting renowned musical acts across four stages, along with an array of food stalls, vendors, and fairground rides.

With a team of dedicated volunteers and crew, the setup and dismantling of the festival site span over two weeks, showcasing the immense effort behind this philanthropic endeavour. Throughout the event, approximately 350 volunteers and crew members per day diligently manage various tasks, from ticketing and parking to sanitation and hospitality.

Among these dedicated volunteers is Sharon, a chef from Healthcare Homes’ Blandfold Grange care home, who has been instrumental in providing nourishment for the hardworking crew and volunteers. Sharon, along with a committee including Ted’s mother and brother, has been tirelessly organising and preparing meals for those dedicating long hours to the festival’s success.

As the festival’s main build commenced, Sharon and her team stepped up to ensure that volunteers were well-fed and energized to carry out their responsibilities. With the support of Healthcare Homes, Sharon has procured essential supplies and equipment. Including disposable utensils and tableware, they alleviated logistical burdens, and contributed to the smooth operation of catering services.

Furthermore, local businesses and individuals have rallied behind the cause, donating snacks, beverages, and other provisions to sustain the festival’s workforce. Sharon’s efforts extend beyond the kitchen, as she collaborates with suppliers and coordinates bulk purchases to optimise resources and minimize costs for the event.

The generosity of community contributors underscores the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines Teddy Rocks Festival. Proceeds from the event, which has raised over £60,000 in previous years, support Teddy20, an organisation dedicated to providing respite for children with cancer and their families through initiatives like mobile homes in Dorset.

“It’s been a profound experience to contribute to such a meaningful cause,” says Sharon, reflecting on her involvement in the festival. “Seeing the community come together to support children battling cancer is simply overwhelming.”

Healthcare Homes is proud to stand alongside Teddy Rocks Festival in its mission to make a difference in the lives of those affected by paediatric cancer. Through sponsorship and volunteer efforts, the company reaffirms its commitment to fostering healthier, more connected communities.

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