Highlights from Routs to Roots AGM, 20 June 2013

 Income for 2012-13 increased, when late payments for BCHA and Gift Aid are taken into account

In 2013-14 R2R expects operating costs to rise because there will be more people to help in addition to general higher costs – the November 2012 Poole street countof rough sleepers reached 16, an increase of 25% over the previous year and the highest number R2R can recall

2012-13 saw 78% increase in R2R membership with individual members increased from 64 to 113, churches from 17 to 23 and corporate groups from 2 to 12

Volunteer base increased from 80 to 100 but many more volunteers are needed for different activities

604 hot breakfasts were provided to 39 different people found sleeping rough in winter over a 21-week period (extended through April because of the cold weather) – so rough sleepers in Poole could get a hot breakfast on every day of the week as the Salvation Army provided one on Fridays

209 different people attended R2R’s four Drop-Ins, with maximum of 121 different people in June

Susan Gittins