So here we have yet another total waste of taxpaxer’s money, bit like it’s namesake, the new super aircraft carrier, HMS. Queen Elizabeth.

Loaded with State of the Art technology, two islands, an Anglo French crew, controlled by Brussels and NO sign of any aircraft or helicopters.

Brexit? What Brexit? What a joke!

A beacon to the world of the days of mighty British sea power, a real and present deterrent to all those naughty people who want to do this great Nation harm. What a joke!

The hunt is on to equip this magnificent denizon of the deep. So far, after trawling various museums, Michael Fallon, our lame duck Defence Minister, has come up with a couple of Gloucester Gladiators, a Hawker Seafire and a Sopwith Camel in need of a total rebuild. Mind you, we have got over 60 redundant Admirals to help furl the sails and man the single Gatling Gun. How wonderful and reassuring to know we are all safe from threats and intimidation from wherever. Sleep sound good people, Michael and Maybot  are only here to look after and protect our freedoms and best interests. What a joke!

James Pulleine