Who Remembers ‘Sweary Roger’?

Roger Brown, or, ‘Sweary Roger’ as he was known to some, was the kind of one off anti-hero that these days, could only really be found in that wonderful ‘enclave of the surreal & weird’, better known as The Square & Compass pub in Worth Matravers, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. Roger was unique in these more uniform times.

An irreverent, opinionated local of those parts who, ‘was only allowed three drinks at the bar as, if he had any more, he was likely to become abusive to the ‘grockle’ trade’ !

He seemed to belong more to an Ealing Studio England than what England has become today. One of the last of a dying breed who once took great exception to a Cornishman who called him ‘a Dorset Man’ and retorted very vociferously that “I am not a f*****g Dorset Man ..

I’m a Purbeck Man and don’t you forget it ! .. The old place isn’t quite the same without him. RIP Purbeck Man.

Mark Vine