Pro-Europeans to stage march, pro-EU events and panel discussion in Bournemouth to coincide with The Liberal Democrats Conference on Sunday 17th September 

As the cabinet continues its descent into disunity and disarray, pro-EU campaigners are seizing the opportunity to take the initiative against the chaos Brexit is already causing.

On Sunday 17th September, Britain for Europe’s affiliated group Dorset for Europe will stage #StopBrexit In Bournemouth – a Rally and fun event at the Pier and march to the Bournemouth International Centre.  The event will be followed by a separate music and comedy event at the Triangle and a panel discussion (“The Next Steps in Stopping Brexit”) in the evening at the Hallmark Hotel West Cliff to demonstrate to the Liberal Democrat Conference the strength of pro-EU feeling in the country.

Labour’s recent policy U-turn – that remaining in the single market and the customs union should continue to be viable options for the UK, post Brexit – demonstrates that sustained opposition to Brexit is already having an impact. This puts pressure on the other parties, including the Liberal Democrats, to form a robust response to Brexit and so makes it vital for pro-Europeans to keep up the pressure to ensure that Brexit and its disastrous consequences are avoided all together.

The strength of support for averting Brexit was shown when our crowdfund – the “Fight Brexit War Chest,” launched jointly by Britain for Europe with the European Movement UK, Scientists for EU and Healthier IN EU, hit its target of £30,000 in just 4 days.  The pro-EU campaign is now aiming for a stretch target of £60,000 to maximise our impact on both politicians and the public.

Tom Bruffato, Chair of Britain for Europe, said:

The majority of politicians know that Brexit is going to be disastrous for Britain but they need to see the extent to which the public increasingly supports the UK’s continued membership of the EU for them to have the confidence to speak out about it. That’s what we’re going to demonstrate to them. We have planned a fun day intended to engage with our local people and celebrate Europe and its values, followed by a more sober evening event on the practical topic of stopping Brexit”. 

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party that offers full resistance to Brexit in all its forms. Dorset for Europe and Britain for Europe are therefore encouraging all pro-Europeans, regardless of party affiliation, or of no political affiliation at all, to come to Bournemouth to show support for MPs who are prepared to stand up against Brexit. The government still has no plan for Brexit and is plunging Britain into chaos and humiliation. It is time for all pro-Europeans to come together to prevent it.” 

The schedule for these events in Bournemouth on 17th September runs as follows:


1:15pm meet at Beacon Road Car Park BH2 5DL

1:45pm assemble by the Pier. Pop-up live music & comedy event by ‘No.10 Vigil’

2:00pm recreation of Boris zip wire stunt by our Faux BoJo with EU flags at the Pier.     

2:15pm ‘Pants to Brexit’ funny pants competition

2:30pm short speeches by Tom Brake MP and Layla Moran MP

2:45pm march to Bournemouth International Centre. Demonstration & more speeches

3:15pm march back to pier and through Lower Central Gardens to the Square

4:00pm music & comedy at the Triangle BH2 5RG, with ‘No.10 Vigil’, Faux BoJo, and local musicians

6:0pm “The Next Steps in Stopping Brexit” speakers’ event at the Hallmark Hotel West Cliff BH2 5JS

The following are available for interview:

Tom Bruffato, Chair of Britain for Europe


[email protected]

Dorset for Europe

[email protected]

The campaign is using the hashtag #StopBrexit on Twitter

Further information can be found at the Britain for Europe website, The Dorset for Europe Facebook page

Simon Polkinghorn

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