What is completely unacceptable in a democracy is for the elected representatives to be in thrall to a racist foreign ethnostate.  But that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in here in the United Kingdom.  Why are so many MPs willing to dance to Israel’s every tune, even when it is engaged in industrialised slaughter?  This is a particularly curious state of affairs when the sympathies of the overwhelming majority of the electorate are with the Palestinians.

We know that Israel puts an enormous amount of effort into influencing the political process in Britain, and its British assets went to great lengths to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.  The prospect of a pro-peace, pro-Palestine prime minister in 10 Downing Street was unconscionable to them. His replacement says he supports Zionism without qualification, which helps to explain Labour’s callous response to the horrific carnage that Israel has inflicted on Gaza.  These parliamentary genocide apologists must be made to pay an electoral price at next year’s general election. 

The temporary truce in Gaza is what Labour and Tory MPs have been calling for, but that means they are happy for Israel to restart its murderous military action in a few days’ time.  These psychopathic MPs seem inured to the horrific consequences of their support for Israil.

Last Monday was World Children’s Day, which Israel marked by killing 133 Palestinian babies under one year old and massacring 5,500 Palestinian children in just over six weeks.  Yet our MPs support the resumption of these atrocities against children by the middle of next week.

A permanent ceasefire should, of course, be a top priority for world leaders.  But a permanent ceasefire on its own is woefully inadequate.  Israel needs to be systematically dismantled, just as the South African apartheid regime was dismantled over 30 years ago.  We cannot simply allow Israel’s brutal apartheid system to continue. 

The world’s consciousness has been awakened.  We now have to ensure that the policymakers who collaborate with and actively support the Zionist entity either change their position or are replaced.  Time is short, but the desire for change by the public is palpable.  I am sure that change will not be brought about by Labour or the Conservatives.  So, we need to organise and collaborate ahead of the general election to ensure we have candidates in place in as many constituencies as possible.  It is essential that we mount a challenge to the self-serving, misanthropic candidates of the mainstream political parties.

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