Dr Susan Phoenix, spokesperson for the ‘No to the Barge’ Facebook group, has been caught spreading disinformation.

On a Facebook post with a petition against closing the Fortuneswell Boots branch, she wrote, ‘Sadly, perhaps it’s the very nice pharmacist herself there who told me in the Summer that she was frightened of being alone there with her drugs, etc. and so many ‘unknown’ newcomers about to be on the island’

When challenged by someone saying they would go in and ask and being accused of stoking more hatred, Dr Phoenix replied, ‘Please do. She spoke to me at length. I speak in facts, not fantasy. The only fire stoking I have seen is from hate mail and anonymous postings.’

When you make statements like this, you literally put a target on the chemist shop and the staff within. Stating that a ‘very gentle’ ‘frightened’ female is left alone in a pharmacy on a public forum for your own ends is disgusting behaviour. It only takes one person to think they have a good chance of getting away with robbing it.

Who is Dr. Susan Phoenix?

According to her website, Susan Phoenix, Bsc (hons), PhD, is a holistic psychologist, Past Life Regression (PLRT) and NLP therapist, is well known as an Intuitive energy healer, inspirational speaker, aura-photographer and author. Since Alex Bailey was ousted by the No to the Barge group, Dr. Pheonix has been the admin for the group and one of their main spokespeople. The group that still refers to the cohort on the barge as illegals (we have the screenshots), which of course Dr. Phoenix never corrects even though she ”speaks in facts, not fantasy’. All the while, of course, the other ‘stuff’ that’s definitely not racist continues to be said in that group, and most of the main offenders named and shamed in this Dorset Eye article remain. Again, we have the screenshots.

Boots response to Dr Susan Phoenix

We contacted Boots and sent the screenshots and the following message:

‘This is on a thread about your closure of the Fortuneswell branch on the Isle of Portland. The doctor is referring to the asylum seekers on the Bibby Stockholm. Can you confirm if the pharmacist would be alone in the shop? Is this the sort of thing your pharmacist would say? I will be publishing an article on a local news website, and I would like to get your take on this. Thanks in advance.’

Here is their reply:

Thank you for getting in touch. I appreciate the time and trouble you have taken in contacting us. I’m very sorry to learn of your concerns regarding our Portland Fortuneswell store.

I have contacted the store and spoken to Jane, the manager, about the Facebook posts that you forwarded to us. She tells me that, contrary to what has been claimed in the messages, no one is left to work on their own in the store. The minimum number is never less than 2 members of staff and is mostly 3 or 4.

I hope that this gives you the information you were looking for. Jane has confirmed that if you would like to call into the store in person, she will be happy to discuss any further questions or concerns that you may have.

Kind regards

Robert Kirk

Senior Customer Manager

Boots Customer Care

The manager’s response to Dr Susan Phoenix’s statements.

We spoke at length to the manager, Jane, of the Fortuneswell branch of Boots the Chemist. The first thing Jane said was, ‘Who is this, DR Susan Phoenix?’ We informed Jane that she was a holistic psychologist, well known as an Intuitive energy healer, inspirational speaker, past life regression therapist, aura photographer, and author.

She confirmed that there was never one person alone in the shop and that their Polish migrant pharmacist never had that conversation with the so-called Dr. Phoenix. She also stated that, despite being a Polish migrant, she is local and has worked in that shop for 17 years. She wasn’t happy with the fact that she was referred to as ‘very gentle’ and said that this person certainly hadn’t met her, as she comes across as far from that.

Overall, Jane was pretty unhappy with what Dr. Phoenix had stated and appreciated that we had brought it to her and Boots’ attentionD

r.r Pheonix has been contacted for comment but has not yet responded.

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